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please write a code in java i need it

Question asked by Maria Khan in #Programming on Jun 21, 2020
Maria Khan
Maria Khan · Jun 21, 2020

Use any real life example of you own choice e.g (bank, hospital, school, medical store, university, shop,

etc). Write a complete tutorial program in Java which must include the following:

1. Use concept of class and object with at least 3 methods.

(e.g School class with three methods students, teacher, staff)

2. Use at least 5 members/variables/attributes in program.

(e.g in student class s no, GPA, fee etc)

3. Each of these 3 methods must use at least one data member/variable with some basic


(e.g sum is a method having three variables a,b,c and processing/calculations can be s=a+b+c)

4. Use all possible indentations, comments, keyboard inputs, logic, qualitative lengthy program

with easy logic etc (These parameters will be considered in marking/evaluation)

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