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Please Help!! (CDAC/Company) What to choose?

Question asked by Vikas Varshney in #CDAC on Aug 1, 2013
Vikas Varshney
Vikas Varshney · Aug 1, 2013
Company: NCR Corporation.

I have Joined as a trainee, I will have to work here for 2months, no pay given, if manager is satisfied with my work, he will recommend me for internship, after 6mnths of internship, I'll be given a package of around 3.5lac.
If they r not satisfied with my work during training they will just give me a training certificate.

Post Graduation Diploma in Embedded Systems (PG-DESD) from CDAC:

I have got 359 rank in CDAC Exam, and I'm getting CDAC Bangalore as of now. Might get CDAC Pune after 2nd seat allocation.

What should I do?
I have 1 week to choose and have to drop one of these. I like programming and embedded systems is of my interest.

I don't know what is the scope/ future of Embedded systems in India, and placements of CDAC Bangalore/Pune.

But about NCR, this company is near to my house(Gurgaon), and a very good company. And work is of programming only (as of now in working on SQL embedded in C).
And for Embedded i guess most work is in South India only.

Please help me in deciding best for me! Posted in: #CDAC
Vikas Varshney
Vikas Varshney · Aug 1, 2013
And I'm a fresher, B.Tech from a private college, in ECE Branch (73%).
Vikas Varshney
Vikas Varshney · Aug 2, 2013
Please reply!! Any Suggestions!! I have got my seat upgraded to CDAC Pune (PG-DESD)
maneesh1920 · Aug 2, 2013
Rank D2 - MASTER
Vikas Varshney
Please reply!! Any Suggestions!! I have got my seat upgraded to CDAC Pune (PG-DESD)

hi vikash...first of all cong for getting cdac pune for DESD...
now considering wat u said earlier i want to tell u something but before that i want to introduce u my self -
im maneesh working freelancer as a developer in embedded field since last 1 and half year...i had work experience of more than 1 year in a reputed MNC company..i worked there as a R&D engineer... i own a small firm also in mumbai which deals with robotics & embedded products development.... i also give CDAC exam in aug2013 & want to take admission here becoz i want to learn RTOS,Embedded linux, ARM Device Driver etc..so that it will help me in high end products development..

now coming to u --- for job :-
wen we study in clg we had lots of assumption & visualization about our job & career & company....during 4 year of time span we learn many things but in industry everything is different.....becoz here we face real scenario..industry dont need any Einstein or any genius ..becoz may be u know lots of thing like u know c/c++/java/.NET/database/SAP/maya..etc......but industry need only a engg. graduate who can work for them & can complete comanys projects..for that they will provide training also as per needed..... it may be on c/ or on c++ or in jave or in .NET..... or whatever they need at that time..
lots of my frnd work in tcs, diebolt, atos, l&t & they r working on a projects which company assign them it may be maintenance or testing or networking or etc........so if u thing that u will work on sum research based project or u'll get project of ur choice then this is not going to happened in real world...
but if hav work experiance then it matters more than ur knowledge....suppose if u hav 3 year of exp & any one has 10 year of exp then wat u thing company will take whom ??? remember ur work experience gives reflection of ur knowledge....company's prefer work experience rather than wat course u hav done or hw much u know....

so in my opinion if u hav job and if ur profile is good then just go for it at least for 1 year ...becoz from job u will get lot of things to learn & get work experience which is better then any course...u will understand hw exactly the company works & wat is needed for ur further course...

before job i was also not clear about my career but now im very much sure about mu goals & career....& im sure after 1 or 2 year of work experience ur level of thinking will be different.... that time u may thing for being a manager in any company..& for that u may plan for MBA or MS...etc..
u will get lots of opportunity to do this type of course but at least just taste a flavor of job yaar.......course to kabhi kar sakta hai....

for DCAC course :-
no doubts CDAC is good place for doing certification training & here placement opportunity is also gud...but its not 100%, there is no surety that after doing course u well get job....
but if u hav passion of embedded & having experience of working on micro controller then it is a gud place to learn & play with high end processors...
but if u hav no experience of work on embedded then i doubt hw much u'll grasp from here....becoz then its like normal clg lectures & doing clg practicals....
many people do MBA but u know in best B-schools like IIMs they generally takes candidate who hav work experience...
even though in university's like MIT, Cornell, Haward they take experienced candidates only....so if u hav sum work experience & exposer to embedded system then it is beneficial....hand on experience is better than just reading a book....

conclusion :-
no doubts DESD from CDAC is gud u'll learn many things of embedded system...& u may get gud placement also....but job experience is better than any course..it will help u in selecting proper path for ur career & increases ur confidence level...after job u will cum to know whether u want to go further in technical field or u want to do sum MBA's or sum technical course etc....now choice is ur's...both r best...select any one as per ur career planning & family desire...
all the best..

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