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Ph.D. Research proposal ideas for manufacturing engineering

I need an area of interest in manufacturing engineering for making a research proposal for applying for Phd

Three emerging areas in manufacturing engineering are: IIoT, AI and 3D printing. You can check with your mentors if a PhD proposal can be made in any of these broad areas.

See if any of these publications can help you to make a choice:

1. Industrial Internet of Things

2. AI in manufacturing

3. Additive manufacturing in manufacturing industry

Thank you sir@Ramani Could you please suggest me a simple CFRP part or structure which i can do analysis 

@Deepa Ks , I doubt if a simple structural analysis can be a PhD thesis. What exactly are you considering?

@Ramani Aswath ,Sir iam planning to do a design ,fabrication and testing of a cfrp structure Is it a valid topic for phd

That sounds more like a technology development activity than a PhD programme.  Which institute are you studying in? Can you discuss with some academic staff/guides on this? There is a lot of published literature on CFRP. Carbon-carbon composites or carbon nano tube composites maybe newer areas for study at a PhD level.,5

@Ramani Aswath ,thank you sir

Please  sir can you guide me to find a topic in industrial engineering

@afroz alam , Industrial Engineering is multidisciplinary even sharing some areas with business administration.

Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are becoming important in industrial engineering.

Please see if you can find anything in these areas.



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