07 Mar 2008

OurOwnBook.com - What do you think?

I came to know about this nice website while reading CEan Kidakaka's blog - Who? Me??

Check out -

OurOwnBook.com - Anyone can Write!

OOB allows collaborate with writers from across the world to write a book! How cool is that 😀

I was thinking - what could be the future of this venture? Next Harry Potter comes from authors on the OOB site? Who knows?
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

08 Mar 2008
I love that concept. I used to read stories on Fictionpress alot!

Perhaps the good thing about OOB is that it has a direction, and not a scramble of different ideas.

I've tried writing a novel before about basketball, but quickly ran out of steam after a few chapters 😉 I thought a engineering story would be too formal.

But, maybe we can have a adventure-cum-engineer tale? Sorta on the lines of MacGyver (yes, Im a big fan of that) mixed with indiana jones?

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