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@Manashree Thokal • 24 Jun, 2012
The idea of this project is to create a web based application that provides facilities to management crime files.


This web based application provides facilities for reporting crimes, complaints, mailing as well as chatting. The users can login to the server and then lodge their complaints. Any number of clients can connect to the server at a time.

An SMTP server should be maintained for temporary storage of emails and chat jar files to enable facilities.

Use: It would be a system with improved facilities that would overcome all the limitations of an existing system. It would remove manual work and provide security.


Languages- Java (JDBC, JSP, Servlet, Java Mail)
Front End- HTML, JavaScript
Back End- MySQL
@hunter1409 • 21 Aug, 2012 does any1 is having this project then plj upload it..I will be thankful to dat guy...plz.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 21 Aug, 2012
does any1 is having this project then plj upload it..I will be thankful to dat guy...plz.
Maybe it's a better idea to try to do the project on your own. What say?

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