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"One nation one poll" - Critically Analyze

One Nation One Poll (ONOP) - Let us critically analyze it; focusing mostly on the cons of it from the UPSC perspective. Discuss benefits, advantages, implementation etc.

Mohit Patil
Mohit Patil • Sep 25, 2019

ONOP should have been accepted long back. There are several issues with existing system where people of India have to face the elections every few days. 

Expenditure - Each election requires massive expenditure from the governing bodies. First, the election officers and executives have to be assigned; which mostly come from schools and colleges. Most of the times, this means that there's actual loss of work. 

Moral Code of Conduct and Delays in Government Decisions: Because there is a MCC at least for a month before the actual elections, the government delays decision making. 

Security: Security is deployed at every polling booth; which results into waste of Human Resources who'd otherwise be deployed for other priority services. 

Political parties have to be always figuring out the next strategy: There is no stability and the political parties are always on the toes to strategize their moves. 

I think One Nation one Poll can address all these issues effectively. Political will and consensus is the only thing I think is preventing the implementation of ONOP. 

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