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Ishan Chourey
Ishan Chourey • Jan 26, 2016

O.A.D.E.I. – Onboard Alcohol Detection and Engine Immobilization for No Drunk Driving.

Project Abstract / Summary : The 21st century is the era of “Smart”. With the advancement in technology and engineering, our daily use gadgets are getting smarter. Even our cars are getting smart. We introduce the No Drunk Driving Mode. The system monitors the blood-alcohol level of the driver and makes the decision to whether allowing the vehicle to operate or immobilize the engine. The driver shall be judged via two sensors. First operating on the principle of breath analysis, analyzing the breath of the driver. The analyzer shall be placed on the steering wheel for accuracy and avoiding the ambient disturbance. The other sensor works on the principle of Near-infrared tissue spectroscopy, which can be located on the ignition button or the gear stick. Alcohol absorbs specific wavelengths of the light. The system can judge the intensity of light thus detected and judge the precise alcohol level in driver’s blood. The data so collected from the two systems is then compared and No Drunk and Drive mode is activated. The driver is indicated by the activation of the system by an LED indication in the dashboard. To ensure the driver safety, a message is sent from the microcontroller to 2 people indicating about driver state and location. Also, vehicle peripheral systems like power window, audio/video system etc., shall remain active. The system is activated as soon as the vehicle battery is switched on.
No Drink and Drive mode can be added to standard passenger safety system like ABS, EBD etc.
Keywords: Spectroscopy, Near-Infrared Tissue Spectroscopy, Engine Immobilization

Why did you choose to work on this project topic : 377 people die in road accidents everyday, which include 16 children. in the last decade, more than 10 lakhs lives were claimed due to road accidents, which is more than the liv lost during great wars faught in india. runk driving accounts for over 40% of these deaths. all all these because of irresponsible actions of few people. we choose this topic to make sure that roads are safe for us to travel on. our project focuses removing drunk drivers from the road by immobalizing their vehicle, thus forcing them to use cab services or seek help from a sober friend. this way, we can ensure a regulated and safe trafic.

Project Highlights : an engineering project focuses on introducing a new technology or improving the existing technology for the betterment of people around us. our project introduces a new method of preventing drunk driving and saving irresponsibly drunk drives hurting themselves and others on the road. we are making an attempt to make the road safer for us and our loved ones to travel on. apart from that, we are attempting to use a new technology for accurately detecting alcohol levels onboard in a vehicle.once complete, we will be able to provide this as a standard vehicle safety feature along with ABS, Airbag, and EPS. further, this project will allow us to eradicate the problems like underage driving, rage driving etc.

Project Category : Mechanical / Automobile / Aeronautical
Institute/College Name: SRM University
City: Chennai
State: Tamil Nadu
Participating Team From: Final Year

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