03 Sep 2008

NOKIA N96 Launched In Europe - It Rocks!

As reported by Gigaom here - If You Want To VoIP, Wait Before You Buy Nokia N96 - GigaOM , Nokia N96 is the Swiss army knife of mobile phones! However it does not let you do the VOIP calls. 😔

N96 offers -

1. Live TV via DVB-H in Europe.

2. 2.8-inch display to watch movies and 3-D stereo speakers to listen to the soundtrack. It can store up to 40 hours of video, supports all common video formats such as MPEG4, Windows Media and Flash Video.

3. 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and a flash. It captures videos as well, making it a good tool to replace a dedicated video camera. It is easy to capture short and on-the-go videos with this device.

4. GPS, radio, Wi-Fi, 3G (European), something called N-Gage gaming, and more.

5. 16 GB memory that can be boosted with a 8GB memory card. (Sandisk is selling these for really low prices.)

10 years ago
Check out the official press release from Nokia here -

Nokia - ShowPressRelease

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