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MrGuzzi • Apr 25, 2012

New product in fire prevention systems...anyone?

Dear brilliant minds,

I have recently been pondering on a new concept which rose out an idea give to me by a fire brigade captain in my hometown. unfortunately I do not posses the required background nor skills do design this on my own. What I do posses is significant network of key players in terms of finance, production and sales for this project along with management and communication skills of my on.

So basically what I'm looking for is a skilled and ambitious engineer in electronics and IT to embark on this project which will progress to a more important project once the prior will have been fulfilled.

I'm sure most of you would like to know what this project is all about but I'm afraid I can't disclose any of it's information at this moment and certainly not on any open post
So those of you who might be interested please contact me by conversation.

Harshad Italiya
Harshad Italiya • Apr 26, 2012
First of all Welcome to CE. 😀

Would like to work on this project for Electronics part. No problem if you are not sharing this idea right now but would like to see your project on CE once it is completed. 😀

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