26 Nov 2008

New Feature: Thread Tags


I hope you must have noticed the thread tags feature newly introduce to CE. Thread tags are the keywords that can be used to identify the discussion and help a lot in SEO [ Search Engine Optimization ].

So I request you all to:

  • Add appropriate tags to every new thread you start [not mandatory]
  • Add tags to existing threads. You will see the 'edit tags' option at the end of every thread [at the bottom of every page].
Note: The tags must be minimum 3 character and max. 25 character long.

If you have any questions on usage of tags, post your query here. I'll answer your questions. 😀


Branch Unspecified
27 Nov 2008
Sounds good ! Can a user see tag cloud ?
27 Nov 2008
Yes, its there at the end of the thread and also under 'Search' options (in the navigation bar).


Branch Unspecified
09 Dec 2008
I want to use the tags. you can help me?


Miami Real Estate | Miami Beach Condos
22 Dec 2008
CEans, I request all of you to help us tag the existing threads and all new threads 😀 . Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page, while viewing the thread. The 'tags' box appears just above the quick reply box.

Click on 'Edit tags' link and add the descriptive tags to the thread! 😁

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