deepak mamgain
deepak mamgain
Branch Unspecified
09 Mar 2017

Need Your Advice/Help.

Hello Everyone

I am a student of 2011-15 batch.
I got overall 2900/4844 according to degree i.e. 59.9% Now There is a chance so I can make it 60%
But the problem is if I gave any improvement now then my degree will say that

I(my name) passed with first division in the year 2017 and awarded the degree of (Electrical & Electronic Engineering. )
Right now in my degree it's written as second division and 2015 year.

so from taking admission in 2011 to pass out in 2017

My will be total of 6 years. So Tell me in future will I face any problem for doing in 6 years.

As most of the PSU are ask for 'four year degree with 60%'

So Will I be eligible for it.?

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