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Pensu • Sep 20, 2010

Need Search Box Code

Hi CEans i am making a website and i want to add a search box in it. I got the code from google but its not working. Can anyone here tell me the code which i can use in search box to search the stuff on my website?.
How about posting the code here?
we will make it work
so that others can also take benefits
Pensu • Sep 21, 2010
Its a general code...u can google it...

This code is not a problem(though i dont know why its not working on my site).
What i actually want is a code that can search the stuff on my site..
Oh it's a ready made code and i was thinking you want to create your own code for search(recommended)
anyway it is nice ,i was not aware of this.

can i know your site name?
Have you buy a genuine domain or just a free sub domain?
Pensu • Sep 21, 2010
Well since this code is not working so i do want to make a code of mine. I would like if you could help me with this...😀

And sorry my site is not launched yet so i cant tell about it now.
Yeah sure Goyal is always here ,we can develop code 😀
Just give it a start ,I can't as i am already overloaded
You try it ,i will help you for sure

Now coming to your code

I have tried this feature on my blog and it was working (now i have removed it )

Just tell me Where did you tried this code?

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