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need advice on a project;I will build marble temple of person who help me.

I'm studying my 4th year of engineering at VNR VJIET, Hyderabad and deciding my major project is long overdue. I want to do a project on the optimization and cfd analysis of a turbocharger's compressor, and my team lead also agrees with the idea. The main reason is that we both want to go abroad for our M.S and I think that a good project is a good chance to learn. I know its really tough, but I feel that the outcome is worth the risk. I need to know if this is possible in level. My main problem is that i have 8 backlogs, which i'm looking to clear before my 4th year completion(I'm so invested in this idea that i took FEM for my elective even though i knew i would fail in it). My team lead is pretty capable(I convinced him that this project would be valuable for his abroad studies), but he alone can't do the work of three people, right? I need some advice to decide. Also, if anyone knows any good books i can refer to about the design and optimization part, plz do tell me. I will build marble temple of person who help me.
May I suggest you to avoid getting sidetracked into Civil Engineering of temple building. Smacks of Telengana CM donating INR 50million public money to the Lord of the Seven Hills.

Have you seen published literature like these:
CFD optimization of Turbocompressor - Google Scholar

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