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NASA To Patent Electroactive Polymer Devices With Quick Healing Abilities

Along with making advancements in the field of astronomy, the researchers at NASA are also working towards public welfare. Recently, the team at NASA Langley Research Centre developed a polymer device that has quick healing abilities. The technology is under patent scrutiny and is awaiting its first publication approval. However, the team is confident of its abilities and is testing out ways to apply it in many other fields.

The device has been synthesized using a thermoplastic polymer, named PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride). It is actually a thermoplastic fluoropolymer which shows piezoelectric properties. Simply saying, it generates electrical charges in response to change in sheer, temperature, tension, etc. When coupled with bandages, these polymers responds to the fluctuating body temperatures and helps to simulate the cells near the wound area for quick healing. They trigger the rate of cell division using electrical charges and also protects the wound from foreign containment as well. Without any power requirement, they can, thus, be directly applied at any external wound area at any time.

PVDF - Fibers

Emilie Mia Siochi - One of the Lead Researchers Involved With This Finding

The technology is actually a by-product of another invention titled ‘ NASA Langley’s Highly Electrospun Fibers and Mats’. These were first synthesized in order to develop morphing aircraft but it transferred the attention of the researchers towards its biological applications. Not only it has military applications but, it can even be used to heal astronauts travelling in the outer space. Its slim, compact design makes it easier to use and it can even be used for patients with disease like hemophilia, diabetes, etc.

Watch this video to get a complete overview about this technology-

With applications in the field of military, space, and medicinal biology, it stands out as one of the important discoveries which will revolutionize Health, Medicine and Biotechnology. Researchers are trying to study more aspects of these findings and are looking for a cheap alternative to commercialize it for public use.

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Source: NASA

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