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Multiple Smartphones In One @ No Cost Of User Friendliness+Security!

Question asked by Farjand in #Gadgets on Oct 8, 2011
Farjand · Oct 8, 2011
Rank C2 - EXPERT
With increasing professionalism among urban working population especially the IT professionals, keeping more than one cell phone is a common phenomenon. It is also many times that one of the phones or the 'Smartphone' is provided by company itself for business purposes. With many gadgets at hand, IT people mostly prefer to use a single business Smartphone provided by their organization and download apps available in the market on the same. However, this is taken advantage of by hackers; thereby jeopardizing the company's information security.

Image Credit: Mirolta

Security researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) and at the Center for Advanced Security Research Darmstadt (CASED) have developed security solutions for Smartphone which can serve both as a personal cell phone and a business phone and also giving your business a complete security in case hackers try to hack your company information. The developed security solutions are typically for Android based Smartphone and are called BizzTrust for Android.

The BizzTrust Smartphone by Fraunhofer comes with data partition-one for storing private information and the other is a work related compartment. It can distinguish between personal and business information and can sort the data accordingly. Now the area in which you are i.e.; Private or business is symbolized by color code. You can easily know that you are in business zone and the data is getting stored in it if the mobile screen flashes 'red' code while it is private if the screen has 'green' code. Moreover there is also a facility to change the rules as to what is classified as business and what is private, because the policy of company may change with time. Company can also provide its own apps and keep you updated. The advancement in BizzTrust keeps security a high priority. Whenever the mobile phone is getting logged in to company's network, its software is checked before it gets access to critical data via a secured VPN link. If any discrepancy is found, the system simply blocks the access.

Now this means that the security experts at Fraunhofer have integrated two virtual smartphones in one by partitioning the data at no cost of user friendliness moreover they have upgraded the security. The BizzTrust for Android will be presented at it-sa trade fair at Nuremberg, Germany. The experts are also thinking of integrated smartcards for additional security in these Smartphones. We will have to wait till some company adopts these wonderful gadgets and give a relief to its employees of carrying multiple machines! Posted in: #Gadgets

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