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M.Tech in New IITs or old NITs or BITS - What do you prefer?

Question asked by Ankita Katdare in #Coffee Room on Jan 7, 2011
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare · Jan 7, 2011
Rank A1 - PRO
Many of you will be appearing for GATE 2011.

All with high aspirations for doing the M.Tech from a good college.

To help others choose better, share your opinions on which college to choose and why?
I guess, people from different branches of engineering have different preferences.

Do provide reasons for the choices. Posted in: #Coffee Room
Pranay Karodi
Pranay Karodi · Feb 8, 2011
Old NITs will b better....becoz they hav experinced and well furnished facilities den a new IIT
Dont prefer BITS
bhargava.megha · May 6, 2011
Rank D1 - MASTER
hello ,
Can i plz know what was last year’s cut off for all NITs.
i scored 25.67/100 marks and 335 gate score (CSE) in GATE 2011 & i am from general category. do i hv any chance in any of the NITs? plz let me know.
or there is any other option for me with this gate score,???????????or will it give me any help in searching the jobs???????
worldlover · Jun 21, 2011
Guys and gals, first of all congratulations on clearing the toughest entrance exam of this nation, the IITJEE. I suppose now it is the time for your counselling. Well this is the most important time for all of you, just for one reason, you have to make a big choice....a very big choice....you need to select your IIT and the department of your choice. Obviously it is not an easy task. Even I have faced this situation some years ago. For those of you, especially with those around the lower rank region, the choice becomes even more difficult. One main thing, you youngsters should keep in mind is choose a department of your personal interest, just do not blindly follow the rank pattern your previous batch has followed i.e., just don’t look at the branch or IIT the guy with same rank last year has chosen. Choice must be made on interest.

For those with a comparatively lower rank, do not worry too much. Now that there are many IITs, you will get into an IIT, but the one of your preference cannot be assured. The country right now has 15 IITS, the 7 old ones, 6 started in 2008 (with their pioneering batch heading towards their graduation completion in 2012), and 2 more started in 2009. The new IITs are all set to get the much awaited IIT status on 26th of July, 2011 when the bill will be passed in the Parliament. As you all may be knowing, IT-BHU, Varanasi is also getting the IIT status taking the total to 16 namely, BOMBAY, DELHI, KANPUR, KHARAGPUR, MADRAS, RORKEE, GUWAHATI, HYDERABAD, ROPAR, GANDHINAGAR, BHUBANESHWAR, RAJASTHAN, INDORE, MANDI and PATNA.

Lets now straight away jump into the serious matter, Selection of IIT and a branch. Most of you might be thinking that, if you are not getting the branch of your choice at your preferred IIT, then the concept of department change will be your saviour. This should not be the reason for your choice. The department change is offered for the top 5-10% of the incoming students and that depending on their first year performance. So it is any day better to go with something that you are getting for your rank and happily accepting it rather than worrying about other factors like, departmental change, first year show, future with that branch etc. Questions like "Will I be able to like this branch or IIT and be able to continue in it?" often come to students' mind. Answer all your questions yourself or get them answered them by a senior from an IIT.

New IITs - as per the performance in their first 3 years that is the last 3 years, one can say all of them are in par with each other. All new IITs had their share of success; faculty, good students, labs, regular classes, industrial visits, seminars, cultural festivals...everything. The new IITs have set a standard among themselves and with experienced faculty from other IITs moving into them, these IITs are day by day marching forward scaling new heights of success and achievement.

Don’t have a second thought before joining them. It is very advisable to opt for CS, EE and ME from the new IITs than settling for somewhat lower and less chosen branch from an old IIT. That will put you in a uncomfortable situation later on. I suggest you to go for the new IITs

Hyderabad and Ropar are right now the best among the new IITs, all because of the above mentioned reasons. Though several students prefer a nearby IIT to a distant one, it should not bother you, I should say. When you have decided to join IIT and stay away from home, so why not stay a little far away. Hyderabad, as few people think is currently the best among the new ones for its proximity to the city. Well the truth is IIT Hyderabad campus is situated roughly 80kms from the city of Hyderabad, in an ordnance factory in the district of Medak. Coming to IIT Ropar, it is situated about 35-40 kms from the city of Chandigarh in a much pleasant and developed area. The fact that IIT Ropar was named after the district in which it falls unlike other IITs which have been named after capital of the sate in which they have opened, has seriously affected the reputation and name IIT Ropar could have gained over the years with all the achievements it has made till date. Do not consider this as a negative point. Don't go after the name, go after what the IIT offers to you and the standard it has. Similar was the case with all the old IITs in their beginning years. IIT Bombay which was originally IIT Powai ( as it was named by the Central Govt. ), became famous with the name Bombay after rigorous efforts from the students to popularise the name and make it famous. If name is the only thing which is coming in between you and your choice of IIT, we at IIT Ropar, are constantly trying our level best to get the name changed to IIT Chandigarh or IIT Mohali or IIT Punjab.​
North or South, East or West...it does not matter....IIT Ropar is a place for everyone...​

IIT ROPAR - academics with values.......build your future....leave a legacy behind​
Pensu · Jun 21, 2011
Rank B1 - LEADER
@AKD: i think ppl have appeared for GATE-2011, they will be appearing for GATE-2012......😀.
In my choices i will prefer BITS.I think New IITs arent able to deliver that level of expertise as they are newly established institutes and most of them dont even have their own campus. BITS can be preferred over NIT except one or two as Trichy or Warangal.

@Pranay: Whats wrong with BITS????
sarveshgupta · Jun 22, 2011
Rank B1 - LEADER
please tell something about NIT cutoffs too
durga ch
durga ch · Mar 13, 2012
Rank A2 - PRO
The post seems to be informative, but baised review on IIT Ropar.Also please mention the source??

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