28 Aug 2008

Momo Monsoon 2008 @ IIMB, Bangalore [30 Aug, 2008]

Momo Monsoon 2008

Date: Aug 30, 2008 Venue: IIMB, Bangalore (India)

Over 260 million people in India now own mobile phones & this is expected to reach 500 million by 2010. With ever rising cellular subscribers and with voice having become a commodity, which new avatars of VAS offerings begining to behold the consumer interest? Has all the Hype been distinguished from reality?

Mobile Monday Bangalore decided to create a "Splash Pool" of the issues, challenges and opportunities by conceiving MoMo Monsoon! Join us in this "Splash Pool" and be ready to get soaked...

The MoMo Monsoon is on Saturday August 30th, 2008 from 9:00am to 6:00pm. Venue: IIMB Auditorium, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore.

Details: - https://momobangalore.org/momomonsoon/
Ashraf HZ

Ashraf HZ

29 Aug 2008
For a second, I was wondering what the term VAS meant 😛

With the advent of 3G & UMTS services (and later 4G), the functions of mobile phones and computers will fully converge to become the perfect personal device. The amount of services offered will be nearly limitless!

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