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aarthivg • Jul 8, 2012

Mobile Banking Is More Secure Than Online(PC) Banking?

Security risks remain a hindrance to full adoption of the technology whether it is mobile or our PC. Accessing our bank's mobile application to access our account is much more secure than conducting traditional online banking on our computer?
No it is not a correct statement.

Security threats remain the same no matter you are accessing the bank websites from computer or mobile. Infect Mobile is easily accessible (physical theft) to others and default settings of mobile may save the password, so this make that even more dangerous.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 8, 2012
Well, security works differently at different points of accessing the web through devices. For example, if your browser isn't encrypting the data properly, it can be hacked into. If the Wi-Fi connection you're using to connect to the Internet isn't secure, then someone can crack into it. There could be several types of cracks at various points during the entire journey of your data from your gadget or desktop to the Bank's server and vice-versa.

For the sake of discussions, let's stick to and assume that the Internet connection being used to access the bank's web server is the same (say over wi-fi). In that case, the whole security issue boils down to the browser / app and operating system being used.

Generalizing and coming to an opinion in this case is going to be a little tough.

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