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MIT’s AGNES Suit - Know What It Feels Like To Be Elderly

Question asked by harshit in #Coffee Room on Jan 2, 2012
harshit · Jan 2, 2012
If you have wondered what you will feel in your mid-70’s, MIT AgeLab is researching on a project called AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System). Today’s youth has taken the visual and the motor skills they possess for granted until they grow old and they realise the importance of energy only when it becomes more and more difficult to perfom normal activities due to the natural growth of the body both mentally and physically. AGNES is a suit which makes the audience aware of the physical problems faced with aging. This suit can also help the designers to create products which could be used by all demographics along with making the young people realize what growing old is all about. The working of 9 key parts of the body namely arms, legs, spice, neck, eye, ears, balance and hands have been altered by the Agnes suit.


Sources from MIT further said:

<em>AGNES is a suit worn by students, product developers, designers, engineers, marketing, planners, architects, packaging engineers, and others to better understand the physical challenges associated with aging. Developed by AgeLab researchers and students, AGNES has been calibrated to approximate the motor, visual, flexibility, dexterity and strength of a person in their mid-70s. AGNES has been used in retail, public transportation, home, community, automobile, workplace and other environments.</em>

Check out the video -

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Source: AGNES (Age Gain Now Empathy System) | MIT AgeLab Posted in: #Coffee Room

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