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Mini linear actuators

Question asked by Simas Družas in #Robotics on Dec 7, 2020
Simas Družas
Simas Družas · Dec 7, 2020


I need help selecting a linear actuator.
I have a cnc where I have to move z axis very fast for a 2mm travel (something like sewing machine, but I need to control 20 needles independently)

Right now I made z operated by the stepper motor (translated to linear motion) and I get 3-6ms for 2mm travel start to stop. The problem is with it's size I need something I could fit in 25mm x 25mm size square footprint(height is unlimited). Also it should last at least for 1-2M cycles.

I was thinking about:
* electromagnets
* linear solenoid
* voice coil motor
* mini pneumatic cylinder (i think this doesn't fit because valve itself needs 2-5ms to operate)

* mini motor  (with motion transfer from rotation to linear)

Never had anything to do with such a small parts and actuators so I need your insight. 

Specs in short 2 mm in 6 ms for 2 million cycles at 6N force.

Posted in: #Robotics

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