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Mechanical Engineer. Feb 2019 CDAC A-5997 A+B-2698. DAC?

Question asked by Shameer S in #CDAC on Dec 27, 2018
Shameer S
Shameer S · Dec 27, 2018

Mechanical Engineer. 

Hi My CDAC rank is sec A 5997 sec A+B 2698. Will I get DAC in any of the institutions. Currently working at Bangalore. Prefer getting placed at Bangalore. As my native state is kerala. Though I have no problem with Pune. What are my chances for e-city dac? I'M self motivated person with proper guidance and with little bit support I can become good developer. Already started taking online courses. 

Pls guide me. What are my chances for DAC? Placement is also a major concern for me as Im switching career. Which order should I choose centers? 

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