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hbk • Jun 17, 2008

MATLAB project - Fuzzy Logic as a topic that is of interest to me

i've been using MATLAB for some time now and have begun to realiza its true power.... i wanted to do a project in MATLAB.... i did a bit of study (+googling)....

and i have zeroed in on Fuzzy Logic as a topic that is of interest to me.... please suggest

1. Is it a worthwhile domain for a project, considering i am in comp engg 3rd yr DCE?

2. Please suggest topics for projects in this domain...

3. Other topics for projects in MATLAB...

xheavenlyx • Jun 18, 2008
1. It depends if you are interested in Fuzzy Logic. Its used for robotics and other automations and also sometimes in computer science applications.

2. If you have googled then you surely must have come across some topics 😀

3. Other topics for projects in MATLAB? Did you even turn on the internet? Matlab's main website itself (specifically Matlab Central File Exchange Website) has thousands of interesting projects!!!! Here is a list, click on any to go to list...

NOTE: The below links do not work anymore. MATLAB Filexchange Catagories are now at :

File Exchange Categories [DEPRECATED, kept only for Search results]

Aerospace (72)
Image Processing (645)
Automotive (23)
Mathematics (933)
Biotech and Pharmaceutical (69)
Medical (53)
Chemistry and Physics (256) Optimization (183)
Communications (378)
PolySpace (8)
Companion Software For Books (163)
Production Code (30)
Controls and Systems Modeling (396)
Real Time Targets (18)
Earth Sciences (142)
Signal Processing (481)
Embedded MATLAB® (8)
Statistics and Probability (484)
Financial Modeling and Analysis (118)
Test and Measurement (246)
Gallery (73) Utilities (1970)
Games (176) Video (99)
Graphics (686)
Whitepapers and Articles (121)
hbk • Jun 18, 2008
thanks a lot xheavenlyx ....

that was really helpful of u...

i did google arnd, but somehow i missed this link..

will google more b4 posting next time...

thx anyways...
xheavenlyx • Jun 18, 2008
Hey no problem at all hbk!!!

Just that sometimes we have to stress that its important to search before posting so it gets easier to answer questions 😀

Anyway, you are interested in MATLAB which is really good! So whatever project you make post it here, or even if you get stuck somewhere in an ongoing project cuz sometimes, some specifics are not on the Internet.

Another thing, MATLAB Help file is also a very very good place to start 😀

Have fun.
sumith123 • Jun 19, 2010
xheavenlyx did a best work for collection awesome ideas
i am planning to do pjct on red eye detection in matlab. can some one help me about this
Rupam Das
Rupam Das • Sep 24, 2011
Teju Viswanadham
i am planning to do pjct on red eye detection in matlab. can some one help me about this
1) Take frames from camera using Matlab's Frame acquisition api.
2) Extract image
3) Segment the Face using YcBr color segmentation technique.
4) Find the eye using "template matching". it is a process where you will keep some eye image in database . your program will try to find the eye pattern in segmented face image.

Eye are the part where "holes" will be present in face. Nose will also have Holes but too close. So alternatively you can use image morphology for eye detection.

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