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making a farm robot for mit think

Question asked by christopher Okorie in #Mechanical #Robotics on Dec 9, 2020
christopher Okorie
christopher Okorie · Dec 9, 2020

could you give me some details on if this is feasbible or what i should do to make it feasbile if so thanks


1 My goal is to make some revisions and finish a second idea for M.I.T think(to submit to my teacher for review since I have extra time before I submit to M.I.T think applications).

2 here are the rules for this M.I.T think challenge :

1000 dollars of funding will be given to you by M.I.T to build your project.

Shipping is a cost but you can pay for that with your own money.

You can spend more of your money while building to make it better but it should not be necessary nor the focus of this project the central focus is to use the M.I.T think funding to do as best as you can.

you can get a donation from a company if they donate you can use it to save on funding, for example, it can be a part that you could only buy in mass quantities like solar panels or it could be getting some software to use (currently I'm in contact with GoPro and some battery companies, and I'm writing emails later today for solar panel companies).

must be able to create it in the second semester starting January 31st

 for the time available: I have one teammate and we each have experience with coding and soldering and (making Thanos truck with dc motors current best engineering project)we each have about 2 and the rest are honors or and can only spend 20-40 hours on it per week 


tier 1:(This is the minimum of what I want to make )

4 -2 motors depending on how much force is needed to move the vehicle

a ly-ion battery that is weight dependant

coding controls because code is free

a seed dispenser

a solar panel to save on energy when not in use

a radio

a camera to watch the field 

tier 2:dispenses water(water is tier 2 cause water is heavy ) Enhanced design?? Aerodynamics isn't that much of a problem on my list but it would be nice to be more efficient because it could save on energy so it's a potential interest

tier 3(this option is up for grabs fertilizer dropper because I don't want to use pesticides but fertilizer and other elements could mean rust)


clearing the ground:




dispersing seeds:


using a fan inside of it to spit seeds out of a cone

         using a rotating cylinder with holes to get the seeds out which would rotate every few feet measured by the motion sensors


2 motors in the back using the front for steering

4 motors faster speed but more energy usage

watering plants:

using stainless steel or galvanized steel cylinder to move water out 

(more ideas on the way for watering)

fertilizer depends on which manure I would use I consider doing watery manure because it seems a bit simpler plus breaking solid manure in the machine seems like a crappy situation

a solar panel is self-explanatory it's going to be at a 90-degree angle for good exposure to sunlight

for an enhanced design I would paint the metal after cleaning the sheets and using primer)

and I would probably make the parts less clunky

this top post will constantly be edited.

Posted in: #Mechanical #Robotics

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