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Looking for beta testers for a new structural loading software

Question asked by Tribby3d Tribby3d in #Startups & Business #Software Testing #Civil & Structural on Sep 24, 2020
Tribby3d Tribby3d
Tribby3d Tribby3d · Sep 24, 2020

Hello CE community :)
I'm new here, but I hope that I selected the right groups for this post. My name is Emil and I'm a structural engineer.

When the corona shutdowns began back in march, I started developing a tool that I hope can help structural engineers to simplify the process of estimating tributary areas for column and wall elements. I call the application Tribby3d. It's running in the cloud and it's getting very close to a stage where it can be tested and evaluated: 


Now I'm looking for some talented structural engineers to test the software. You will gain full access to the application once it's up and running during the testing phase.

What do you think? Is this an application that I should continue to develop, or do you have better methods for calculating tributary areas of elements? Let me know what you think, and if you’re interested, you are all very welcome to sign up for the early access beta on the home page:


Many thanks and all the best <3

Posted in: #Startups & Business #Software Testing #Civil & Structural
Tribby3d Tribby3d
Tribby3d Tribby3d · Sep 24, 2020

Ops, seems like my gif isn't running, and seems like I can't edit the post.. However, this pic might be more descriptive;


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