06 Dec 2008

Live bomb found in Dhantoli's(Nagpur) Crescent Hospital

Update: The bomb was not real. Apparently, the sniffer dogs gave wrong signals.

I just got the reports that a live bomb has been detected in a posh hospital in Dhantoli, Nagpur. [​IMG]

I'll update as soon as I get the update.

Source: https://ibnlive.in.com/news/bomb-found-in-nagpur-hospital-after-call-to-doc/79889-3.html

Nagpur: A bomb was found on Saturday evening at a private hospital in Nagpur after a doctor was warned on phone that there would be an explosion.

The Crescent Hospital and Nursing Home in Dhantoli was evacuated after police was found wrapped in a black plastic bag. The police removed the bomb for disposal and conducted a search of the hospital.

Dr Aziz Khan, a physician at the hospital, told CNN-IBN he got a telephone call from an unknown person at around 1630 hrs IST who told him that a bomb would explode in 10 minutes. The caller spoke in Hindi and seemed to be calling from a phone booth.
Nagpur police commissioner Pravin Dixit confirmed to CNN-IBN that bomb was found at the hospital.
PTI reports Dhantoli was tense after news about the bomb spread.
10 years ago
Re: Live bomb found in Dhantoli's(Nagpur) Crystal Hospital

The hospital name is 'Crescent'. The bomb has been successfully diffused.

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