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parihar888 • Jan 17, 2008

Let me Know - how to convert .bat files into .txt files

Hi ,
How can we extract .bat files to .txt file 😕.
parihar888 • Jan 17, 2008
Let me know

HI ,
we can easily create batch files just saving the text in notepad with .bat xtension , but how can we get .bat file to .txt file???
LORD_EC • Jan 17, 2008
Re: Let me know

Right Click on the .Bat file and then use "open with" dialog to open it with Notepad.
Prasad Ajinkya
Prasad Ajinkya • Jan 21, 2008
rename the .bat extension to .txt? Will that not work??
viiper • Mar 21, 2008
Select 'Open with' option from the right click context menu and then choose "Choose Program". Select notepad from the list and then you can save the file in .txt form
friendster7 • Mar 22, 2008
u can convert the .bat file into .txt
selecting the .bat file right click>>properties>>openwith change to Notepad..
Sai s
Sai s • Dec 3, 2018

you can easily convert .bat to .txt by simply right clicking on the .bat file and select edit.From there copy the whole code and paste it into a new notepad and delete .bat file.

Yes!you are done........

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