Chandan Gupta
05 May 2019

Teamcenter PLM Interview Questions And Answers

Before diving straight into this subject, let me outline what PLM basically is, and what scope it offers.

04 May 2019

Practice test exam collections and Questions Answers

When you are making ready for a certification check, one in every of the toughest elements is locating data sources. several of the exams have third-party preparation materials...

Branch Unspecified
03 May 2019

Future Scope of Selenium Testing Tool

i just want to know the oppurtunities of selinum testing tool.can you people guide me whether the selinium is best or not.

Vasanth Rao Vyasamneni
Branch Unspecified
03 May 2019

No proper signal by Tata sky set box

No continuous signal. Lot of interruptions with a message “cloudy/ rainy weather. But actually it is not. Here is A clear weather. Tried to change settings also. No result. What...

Genelia Smith
Computer Science

How can I fix Linksys router issue?

I have recently bought a Linksys router. I am not so familiar with its programme. I am facing Linksys Router Error 2118. Please help me with a proper idea.

02 May 2019

Best Robot Names Collection

Alright, you've done fixing all the parts, writing code, getting all motors to work. The tougher part is ahead - naming your robot. Why not collect all the cool...

How to convert cable thermal losses [Watts] into enthalpy?

Hello fellow engineersI have a certain thermal loss from my power cables, it's about 15Watts loss, and I somehow have to convert that into a enthalpy so I can calculate h...

Vinay Mishra
Computer Science
01 May 2019

Brief about Artificial Intelligence: The future of technology

Whenever we talk about future technologies, we always have a doubt related to some technologies like ROBOTICS, AI(Artificial Intelligence),

Ayesha Perween
Computer Science
01 May 2019

Final Year Project Ideas on Online Subjective Answer Evaluation

i need some idea related online subjective answer evaluation

Dinesh kannan A
Electronics and Communication
01 May 2019

How to attend inplant training in BHEL?

I am 1st year Electronics and communication Engineer. This inplant training helpful or not? Please explain about it.

01 May 2019

Im asking of ideas to add to my project also how to calculate how much solar panels generate?

Hi everyone ! My project is a solar tree With solar trackers using Arduino uno,LDR and servo motors. This tree can also move and provide charging for electronics such as phones....

Branch Unspecified
30 Apr 2019

What is relocating loader?

hi friend'sanybody have idea about what is relocating loader and how it is different from other loaders.😒

Honey Times
30 Apr 2019

Government College or Private College?

Is government college should been choose or not?

Branch Unspecified
30 Apr 2019


Are there any detecting tool(viz. LASER tool),which can detect the cause of jamming of a pipeline,by not dismantling the pipeline initially.

Computer Science
29 Apr 2019

Can I get TCS, Cognizant or Capgemini or WIPRO with 58.6% in 12?

Can I get jobs in MNC company with 50.6%in 12 like tcs ,Wipro,cognizant capjamini

Branch Unspecified
29 Apr 2019

The jet propulsion with closed combustion type

I have an idea of a new type jet engine, I explain it here and hope somebody study it and advise me how to launch it into market. Brief structure and main princi...

Abdul Rasool
29 Apr 2019

Why zener diode conducts currents in reverse but why not semiconductor diode?

Why zener diode conducts currents in reverse but why not semiconductor diode?

Harshad Italiya
Electronics and Communication
27 Apr 2019

Chemical that keeps mineral water chilled for long time

Somewhere I heard that people used some kind of chemical which keeps mineral water chilled for long time. Does anybody knows about such chemical?

Shalini Sharma
Computer Science
26 Apr 2019

How to prepare for JEE Mains 2018?

want to know preparation tips to prepare well for jee mains exam.

Internship opportunities in BHEL Balanagar Hyderabad

I want to do the internship in balanagar 

Naseeb siraj
Branch Unspecified

IQ OPTION trading and stock market

Can you please giving me genuine information about iq option and trade marketing

Start Manufacturing of electrical measurement instruments

I'm inspired from one indian company Meco instruments which  is manufacturing all electrical anolog digital measuring instruments such as ammeter voltmeter wattmeter clip-on amm...

sachin saket
Information Technology
25 Apr 2019

Solving PC Problems Caused By Missing DLL Files

DLL files are a critical sort of record. They are available in practically all PC applications today. They are records which can be called upon by projects and applications to d...

Hanmant Bawage
Electronics and Telecommunication
24 Apr 2019

Should I go for CDAC after Diploma and EnTC Engineering?

I had completed my 12 then i completed my diploma and now i am doing degree in e&tc .now i am in final year .should i try for cdac What if i choose cdac .and which stream...

24 Apr 2019

Intel and Cray Will Deliver First Exoscale Supercomputer to National Lab

Machine Design says: Intel Corp. and Cray Inc. will deliver the first supercomputer with a per...

HCL Technologies Fresher Eligibility Requirement & Criteria

HCL is one of the preferred technology companies in India by engineers graduating in CS/IT and electronics related branches. I see a lot of candidates are searching for the recruit...

kunal bhide
Computer Science
24 Apr 2019

C CAT 2018 June Exam: Preparation tips or Last year Question Papers

I have appeared for BE CSE. Looking next for appearing for C CAT exam 2018 June attempt for PG Diploma. Please any one give me idea about preparation for this exam. I am looking...

Sumanta Soumik dey
Electronics and Communication
24 Apr 2019

Career Advice in Industrial Automation sector

Hi everyone, I don't know what to do with my life i'm depressed,confused, feeling suicidal. I did b-tech (ECE) in 7 yrs(2010-2017) with 54.81% i know what you are thinking yes i...

shubham gupta
Electronics and Communication
23 Apr 2019

Job regarding how to talk with u

How to possible find out job through cdac? I have pass-out in 2015.

23 Apr 2019

"4 Crazy Medtech Innovations" That Are Tearing up the Script

MD&DI says: Decision Resources Group (DRG) released a new report today, "4 Crazy Medtech Innovations" that identifies four areas of medtech innovation that are forecasted to sha...

23 Apr 2019

Webinar on AI for embedded system developers

Design News says:Join us today at 2:00 PM EDT for the start of this week’s course Machine Learning for Embedded Software Engineers.Artificial intelligence has long...

22 Apr 2019

Graduation research project about using FRP for strengthening tubes

I am on my final year in civil engineering and I have to make my research project about using FRP for strengthening thin walled tubes. I need some help for getting my resources...

Priyanka Nikam
Computer Science
22 Apr 2019

How to get perfect in aptitude for cdac exam ?

Only one month is left for cdac exam

radha krishnan
22 Apr 2019

What are the SEO offpage strategies

I want to know about the SEO offpage strategies. please suggest me if you know that.

21 Apr 2019

Avishkaar Summer Internship Program 2019

I got introduced to Avishkar through CE.They have come up with an exciting summer internship programme for 2019. CEan students can have a look.

abhishek kumar
Control and Power
21 Apr 2019

Which field should I choose whether be a tester and further switch to business analyst or a software developer.

I have completed my BE in 2017 and I was working as a MIS executive but now I want to be a software engineer because my current job role is not as promising so I want a career s...

Abhirup Sinha
19 Apr 2019

Eligibility for Top MNC placement


sarath T
Branch Unspecified

Ideas for starting a small scale business in India

I'm doing my final year electrical engineering. I want to start a small scale industry after my graduation.what are the major things to be concentrated? I'm looking for...

abhishek dave
Electronics and Communication
18 Apr 2019

How is NIRMA University for M.Tech?

i want to persue mtech in embedded system.But i am confused regarding placement and teaching.

Branch Unspecified
17 Apr 2019

Trace Mobile Number, Current Location

i want to trace my wife having mobile number my business in delhi and my wife lives in mahenderagarh (haryana)

16 Apr 2019

Discussion about Thermoelectric

hi ! im just want to asking about this particular thermoelectric ? mind to shares your knowledge about this ? feel free to share or maybe can share the link where i can got more...

rm siddaveer
16 Apr 2019

When is the last date to apply internship in DRDO?

last date to apply DRDO in 2019and provide some information

Viraj Hodavdekar
Computer Science

Need help building UI for partially/blind people

My Master's project consists of making a UI for partially blind or visually impaired people ie people who have very poor eyesight. I have come up with sketches for the UI which...

Harsha Swamy
Computer Science
16 Apr 2019

Is passive income really worth it?

I have heard a lot about online business and freelancing, affiliate marketing etc but I don't know whether it is worth investing time because we have to learn few things before...

Ankita Katdare
Computer Science
16 Apr 2019

CDAC 2017 Results + Rank + Cut Off + Seat Allotment And Counseling Round

The CDAC C-CAT ranks (results) were announced on 28th December 2017. To check the result you can use this link ->

16 Apr 2019

Meet Blue, the Low-Cost, Human-Friendly Robot

Robots may have a knack for superhuman strength and precision, but they still struggle with some basic human tasks such as folding laundry and making a cup of coffee.Enter...

15 Apr 2019

Displacement settlements. Surface Water Management

Regarding the emergency sector.Does anyone here have experience with surface water management in urban displacement settlements? (flooding in refugee camps in cities).

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