Math Tips & Tricks

I'll start this thread for tips & tricks related to mathematics. Let's not keep the scope of this thread limited to Quantitative section in GRE. Also let's keep Adva...

JDM Bill
Branch Unspecified
13 May 2006

Import cars

well iv been into import cars for about 5 and a half yrs now, i just love working on them and autocrossing, circuit racing, ect

08 May 2006

Latest additions to Forums

Crazy Engineers! I'm glad to announce the launch of Usergroups. Checkout the 'Usergroups' link at top. Following usergroups have been created-...

Suggestions for Quant Section!

Hi All! Unfortunately, we couldn't have much activity on Quant Section. Some suggested that we start question-answer session on the quant section so that the sect...

02 May 2006

Latest addition - Today's Birthdays!

I'm HapPy to announce the latest addition on forum! - "Today's Birthdays" 😁 Do not forget to update your profile with your birthday. Here's how to do it...

Pardeep Saini
Branch Unspecified
29 Apr 2006

Is It Right Time

Hi all! i am a civil engineering student of second sem. im having quite different approch towards the subject and want to a reseacher. i need an advice from you all to suggest me w...

Branch Unspecified
26 Apr 2006

Rise in Fee

What do u think people,does the rise in the fee structure of various IIM justified???? well in my opinion,if c...

26 Apr 2006

Developing CrazyEngineers Newbie Guide !

Its been on my mind since ages. How about developing a comprehensive newbie guide? I'd like to know if anyone wants to volunteer for this? If we get more response for this, w...

Branch Unspecified
25 Apr 2006


hi!!! i m naga muneendra reddy.k.. i m doing my B.E(Hons.)ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS in BITS,PILANI.. i m interested in electrical and power system engineering...can anybod...

20 Apr 2006

Cracking Da Vinci Code!

Guys! 😀 Follow this link ->

20 Apr 2006

New Forum! - Every Suggestion Matters!

Friends! Ever since its inception on 26th November 2005, CrazyEngineers forum has been growing steadily. We have joined hands with engineers from various backgrounds...

Branch Unspecified
18 Apr 2006

Software Implementation of I2C

I would like to know weather anyone has implemented I2C in software in smaller chips like Atmel AT89C51, which doesn't have the port. Could you share the details with hardware...

Branch Unspecified
14 Apr 2006

I've got all the money I'll ever need if I die by four o'clock this afternoon.

The title was quoted by Henry Youngman. It has nothing to do with my even worse financial stature 😔 . Recently, I was handed over my revised compensation letter and b...

Branch Unspecified
16 Feb 2006

need help

hi all i have completed electronics n telecommunications enggineering in the yr 2005 ..i got a percentile of 92 in gate 2005 but i didnt make it to iits so i wrote GATE in 20...

08 Feb 2006

The New Structure

Hi all CEans! 😀 The forums have been restructured! We are now back, up & running! Everything went smooth and this time I didn't meddle with the database 😁

06 Feb 2006

can you start a thread related to ...

hi "K" can we start threads related to GRE, MBA, GMAT and all related stuffs... Engineers needs that stuff when the are newbie in industry...and a major part...

Branch Unspecified
26 Jan 2006

Electronics Forum

1. How about having trade specific forums. I 4 one wud voutch 4 an elec forum. 2. i m not findin much of engineerin stuff out thr. barring one or 2 i suggest 2 remov...

23 Jan 2006

Forum Upgrade - Its Coming!

Hi CEans ! 😀 I announced the 'forum' upgrade couple of days back. Now we are all set to do the upgrade. If you get 'Forums Disabled' page, hang o...

Branch Unspecified
16 Jan 2006

Water Heater Case Study?

The bellow is a case study! About 13 years ago, I was working as a technical engineer with a subsidiary company of Wembly Industries. One day, I rec...

Branch Unspecified
11 Jan 2006

Hello All, I Have lil prob

Does anyone know of companies takin on apprentices, I have to move Jobs, :? n I'm looking for new company in Kent? Any suggestions?

10 Jan 2006

HaPpy NeW YeAr !!

To All CraZy EnGiNeErS !! 😁 HaPpy New

02 Jan 2006

New Year Greetings!

Hi All CEans! 😁 Its hard for me to believe 2005 is over. At the same time, its great pleasure to write this HapPy New Year Message on January the 1st. I hope you all...

Branch Unspecified
22 Dec 2005

Hollywood Movies

Lets start a thread for hollywood movies... 😁

30 Nov 2005

Books Books !

What would life be without books? 😲 We dedicate this place for discussions/review/opinions about books... well books of all kinds. Engineering books/Novels/Magazin...

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