26 Jul 2006

Hot News: Netscape.com hacked?

Hi CEans! Probably we are the first one to report this- I just found out that

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23 Jul 2006

A Question On Morality

I hope I'm justified in starting a new thread for this discussion. But I thought it would be interesting to gather people's opinion on questions like this- ...

21 Jul 2006

Surprize! The New Portal Is Online!

Hello CEans - well those who directly landed on the forums! Check out

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20 Jul 2006


After engineering,an engineer has to face a lot of interviews till his last breathe on campus or off campus.. may it be for job or for higher education!Can we have the wackiest que...

18 Jul 2006

Zidane gotta Golden ball.. Is this the sign of politics in FIFA...

Why Zidane accolade with Golden Ball..... That was a sign of politics in FIFA??? He got 1 red card and booked two time with yelow....so he missed 2 matches... (dont miss that...

16 Jul 2006

Database Errors on CE portal!

Hi CEans! I'm not-so-happy to announce that the CE portal will face database errors for a few more days. Kindly note that the database errors are temporary and al...

14 Jul 2006

CE Newsletter

Hi CEans! I'm glad to announce the launch of CE Newsletter - beta! Here comes a detailed explanation 😁 What is CE Newsletter? - CE news...

13 Jul 2006

Check out World Book Fair

Free ebooks @

06 Jul 2006

SuperMan - anyone?

Ever since I was a kid, I've been a big fan of Superman 😁. All SuperMan fans join in this thread & do post your reviews about recently released SuperMan.

06 Jul 2006

The New CE icon !

Friends! Did you check out your Browser's address bar? 😉 Notice the 'CE' icon 😁 ! Its called 'Favicon'. I hope you like it.

VM4 - Square of any no.

Now till now you know the square of the no. having 5 and 0 at their end... Now some other... Square of the no just 1 next to them..(having 0 and 5 as last digit) means...

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03 Jul 2006

Sites explored

Hello everyone We have a thread for guitar,novels,piano etc etc....but why don't we have the thread for internet??....i think thats the reason y we are here...So i just...

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28 Jun 2006

HI from Pradeep

I am re-introducing my-self upon advice of Biggie... Name: Pradeep Kumar Proffession : Engineer Work Place: Sigma Solutions, Hyderabad.

28 Jun 2006

New Section : CE-Finance !

CEans ! Finally, we have the 'CE-Finance' section! 😁 Since most of us are of the opinion that sub-sections should not be removed, the CE-Finance...

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27 Jun 2006

Let us Promote Brand CE !

I just emailed all of my batchmates and asked them to join crazyengineers. . . . . . and I am feeling good. 😁

Play With Vocab..!!

Got a article from a forum... a good one so thought that i should post it here too... It will be benefecial...

27 Jun 2006

Shout Box..

Hi All, At very now...we 6 are on line... Me, Neha, Admin, Aasima, Aditi and Integratdbrains I want to talk to some of these buddies....how will I...

27 Jun 2006

CE- Finance (Don't Be Scared)

Hi CEans ! 😀 I think its time to introduce 'CE-Finance' section. But before we implement this section I'd like to gather some feedback from you folks!...

26 Jun 2006

Shoutbox for you !

So you demanded it ! 😀 Check out the bottom of our forums for the AJAX enabled shoutbox 😁. Now you can chat with the CEans in real tim...

24 Jun 2006

Darna Zaroori Hai Reviews

Guys, This post comes a little late. Saw the RGV directed "Darna Zaroori Hai" and wasn't scared 😁 My rating: The Intro ( Best ) Story -1 : St...

20 Jun 2006

Suggest Forums/Sections for the New System

Hi All ! I've been working on setting up new system for CrazyEngineers.com . I'm glad to announce that the new system has now been tested for data/user mi...

20 Jun 2006

CE Newbie Training

Hi all New Members of Crazy Engineers community ! 😀 Now that you are a CEan, I request you to go through the Crazy Engineers Newbie Guide quickly before you begin the...

11 Jun 2006

New Feature: Countdown !

Guys! Check out the bottom left corner of our (click->)

Branch Unspecified
11 Jun 2006

Da Vinci Code

I can't wait to see Da Vinci Code. For those who have read the novel by Dan Brown, here's the cast - Credited cast: Tom Hanks .... Robert Langdo...

09 Jun 2006

Welcome to the CE Debate Center

Welcome to the CE Quarrel Zone a.k.a the Debate Center! 😀 With Debate Center of CE Lounge, we provide a common place to CEans for Deb...

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08 Jun 2006

Search Engine War : MS Vs. Google Vs. Yahoo!

Any takers? Back in 1994-95, Yahoo, Lycos & Infoseek dominated the search market. Well, old folks are still making rounds while the new players (Google) emerged! On...

31 May 2006

"Marriage is the eye opener"

pals...... i dont know but people say two things... 1. Love is blind 2. Marriage is a eye opener ..... dont know.....and God knows how they can sync the...

Branch Unspecified
28 May 2006

What is V-Card anyway?

Hi everyone I have a question...I saw an option called "Download vcard" in CEans profile..Can anybody tell wats vcard??

27 May 2006

Surprise! New Theme !

Hey CEans ! 😁 I'm glad to announce the new style for CE forums - I-Bulletin! 😁 But wait - the old CE forum style lovers can switch back to the ol...

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27 May 2006

Some proofs to be solved

Hey Ppl, I got some very tricky problems to be solved...i need to submit it on friday to my prof..but i already have 2 tests this week..so i am not able to find time to solv...

Branch Unspecified
26 May 2006

nice poem

this poem was nominated for the best poem of 2005,written by an african kid. when i born,i black. when i grow up,i black. when i go under sun,i black.

23 May 2006

What about the strike..

Hi Pals... A person is Dying as there is no one to help him out...means there is no doctor is available ito check him ...give him medicine.. Is this right .....?...

Branch Unspecified
22 May 2006

stories were neve so good!!!

hi everyone well i am starting up a new game(although it's common)...what u ppl have to do z add up three words and make a story.

Math Tips & Tricks

I'll start this thread for tips & tricks related to mathematics. Let's not keep the scope of this thread limited to Quantitative section in GRE. Also let's keep Adva...

JDM Bill
Branch Unspecified
13 May 2006

Import cars

well iv been into import cars for about 5 and a half yrs now, i just love working on them and autocrossing, circuit racing, ect

08 May 2006

Latest additions to Forums

Crazy Engineers! I'm glad to announce the launch of Usergroups. Checkout the 'Usergroups' link at top. Following usergroups have been created-...

Suggestions for Quant Section!

Hi All! Unfortunately, we couldn't have much activity on Quant Section. Some suggested that we start question-answer session on the quant section so that the sect...

02 May 2006

Latest addition - Today's Birthdays!

I'm HapPy to announce the latest addition on forum! - "Today's Birthdays" 😁 Do not forget to update your profile with your birthday. Here's how to do it...

Pardeep Saini
Branch Unspecified
29 Apr 2006

Is It Right Time

Hi all! i am a civil engineering student of second sem. im having quite different approch towards the subject and want to a reseacher. i need an advice from you all to suggest me w...

Branch Unspecified
26 Apr 2006

Rise in Fee

What do u think people,does the rise in the fee structure of various IIM justified???? well in my opinion,if c...

26 Apr 2006

Developing CrazyEngineers Newbie Guide !

Its been on my mind since ages. How about developing a comprehensive newbie guide? I'd like to know if anyone wants to volunteer for this? If we get more response for this, w...

Branch Unspecified
25 Apr 2006


hi!!! i m naga muneendra reddy.k.. i m doing my B.E(Hons.)ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS in BITS,PILANI.. i m interested in electrical and power system engineering...can anybod...

20 Apr 2006

Cracking Da Vinci Code!

Guys! 😀 Follow this link ->

20 Apr 2006

New Forum! - Every Suggestion Matters!

Friends! Ever since its inception on 26th November 2005, CrazyEngineers forum has been growing steadily. We have joined hands with engineers from various backgrounds...

Branch Unspecified
18 Apr 2006

Software Implementation of I2C

I would like to know weather anyone has implemented I2C in software in smaller chips like Atmel AT89C51, which doesn't have the port. Could you share the details with hardware...

Branch Unspecified
14 Apr 2006

I've got all the money I'll ever need if I die by four o'clock this afternoon.

The title was quoted by Henry Youngman. It has nothing to do with my even worse financial stature 😔 . Recently, I was handed over my revised compensation letter and b...

Branch Unspecified
16 Feb 2006

need help

hi all i have completed electronics n telecommunications enggineering in the yr 2005 ..i got a percentile of 92 in gate 2005 but i didnt make it to iits so i wrote GATE in 20...

08 Feb 2006

The New Structure

Hi all CEans! 😀 The forums have been restructured! We are now back, up & running! Everything went smooth and this time I didn't meddle with the database 😁

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