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KT Telecom’s Spider-Phone Combines Phone, Laptop, Tablet And Handheld Gaming

Question asked by Mohit Nayak in #Coffee Room on Sep 6, 2011
Mohit Nayak
Mohit Nayak · Sep 6, 2011
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</strong>Motorola Atrix was probably the first phone to offer a docking accessory which gives you a desktop-like experience if you simply plug you <strong>Atrix in it.Korea’s KT telecommunications provider revealed a new Android smartphone project called as the "Spider Concept" which goes a step further. The main hardware is the Spider Phone, an Android 2.3.4 "Gingerbread" device with a customized UI.  However, you can connect the Spider to peripherals, and use it as a handheld gaming platform, a tablet and a laptop. The peripherals are  dumb devices without any processor, internal memory or OS of their own

[​IMG]With the launch of Spider Phone, KT expects to solve many issues, including high costs of buying multiple IT devices such as a mobile phone, a laptop and a tablet. The company also stresses that Spider Phone can surmount the small screen problems of smartphone by combining with external kits.

The phone features a  4.5 inch wide screen with a high-resolution display of 1280*800. To offer high performance as a tablet PC and laptop it has a 1.5GHz Dual-Core high-performance CPU that allows fast document editing, web browsing, and video playing. The battery is of large capacity(1710mAh). It has Full HD camera (8MP rear-facing, 3MP front-facing) and 16 GB of internal memory. Net weight is around 0.311-lbs and measures just 3.74-inches thick.

Simply inserting the Spider Phone into the back of a tablet shell and you instantly have a 10.1-inch Spider PAD. You can also insert the Spider into the Spider Laptop shell which gives you  a larger screen ,a keyboard and a USB drive for adding a mouse or an external hard drive.

Gamers rejoice as the Spider bundle comes with a gamepad kit, creating a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) clone when attached onto the phone. The button layouts are similar to the PSP as well. It offers a great solution for racing and action games where it gameplay is difficult due to the touchscreen. As with the laptop and tablet adapters, the gamepad adapter comes with its own battery to extend the overall power usage.

For those who require multiple devices, I think KT has offered an all-in-one solution. KT's Spider Concept is expected to launch domestically in Korea sometime during November. Pricing is unknown at this point of time. The company is hinting at evaluating local performance before an international release.

It’s a impressive device with the following specs:
[*]4.5” Screen with 1280x800 Resolution
[*]1710mAh Battery
[*]QUALCOMM 1.5GHz DualCore Processor
[*]16GB Internal Memory
[*]Full HD Camera (8MP back and 3MP front)
[*]9.5m thin
[*]Android 2.3.4 with customized KT UI
You can read the press release at AsiaDroid. Posted in: #Coffee Room

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