22 Jan 2017

January 2017 Update: What's Going On @ CrazyEngineers

Howdy everyone!

I hope the new year is bringing in lot of happiness and joy to you. I thought I'd let you know what's happening behind the scenes at CrazyEngineers so that you know what to look forward to.

1. New App On CE-IO: Yep! We've been working on this for the last ~3 months and I think we're in the final stages of testing it before we make it available for you. This app is one of the most desired apps and I can see a large number of our fellow CEans benefitting from it. We should be able to make an announcement in this week (fingers crossed!)

If anyone is interested in helping us test it; please get in touch via direct message to me or writing to hello[at]crazyengineers..


2. CE goes HTTPS!: While our IO platform is already https, it's high time that we moved CrazyEngineers.com over secure https. We'll be doing that in this week. No action is required on your part. Just don't be surprised to see browser showing 'green' link and https on all crazyengineers.com URLs 😀

3. Events: After releasing the new app, we'll quickly update the events app a lot more useful. We've received lot of quality feedback from event organisers and we're incorporating it in our next update. Stay tuned for awesomeness!

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