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Is there interest in a YT Channel that answers specific homework questions/explains topics that the viewer dictates?

Question asked by Cassidy Voelkel in #Mechanical on Nov 21, 2019
Cassidy Voelkel
Cassidy Voelkel 路 Nov 21, 2019

Hi all, I love solving engineering problems and I am a new engineer that has worked in the aerospace industry as well as the semi-conductor industry. When I was in school, it was difficult finding help online for very specific topics/questions that I had without asking my teachers or classmates. Would anyone be interested in a YT channel where I work out your engineering questions (undergrad only) that you send me?

Posted in: #Mechanical
Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh 路 Nov 26, 2019
Rank B1 - LEADER

That sounds like a cool idea. What branch of engineering would it specifically cover - aerospace or electrical/electronics? Whatever the branch, I'm pretty sure people would find it helpful. I would definitely have subscribed to it. :)

Do share your channel link if you do start it. 馃憤馃徏 All the best!

Cassidy Voelkel
Cassidy Voelkel 路 Nov 26, 2019

I'm a mechanical engineer, so likely mechanical questions as my understanding of circuits is limited. Lol聽

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare 路 Dec 2, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

That is a good idea. However, you could start your channel by solving a few problems and then testing the response. I'm curious to know how do you plan to accept the questions. Will it be through YouTube comments or through a personal website where users can submit their questions?聽

YouTube comments could prove to be a limitation because they are text only. Most of the mechanical / electronics questions are likely to require uploading photos and in some cases, videos as well.

If such a channel existed - I'd subscribe to it. But for me, the real differentiator would be getting my problem worked out within hours of submitting it. Is that a possibility?聽

PS: I've already started your channel, share a link to it.聽

Cassidy Voelkel
Cassidy Voelkel 路 Dec 5, 2019

I would likely accept questions through my Instagram messages (pics, text, videos, etc.) or in the comment section.

Here is my. youtube channel: Enginerd 101

My contact info is on my channel. Also feel free to submit questions through here!

Bala Venkat
Bala Venkat 路 Dec 10, 2019
Rank D2 - MASTER

That's a great idea. You can start by solving questions on video that are commonly asked in assignments during undergrad courses.. Looking forward to your first video. I would SUBSCRIBE!

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