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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Sep 10, 2019

Is OLA/UBER better option than buying a car?

The cab services are taking over the personal transportation; and I'm wondering if OLA/UBER offer a better option over buying and maintaining a car. 

Unless you are passionate about driving; maneuvering a four-wheeler on a busy road is nothing less than a circus. In addition, when you own a car - you're responsible for maintaining it, paying for the parking, topping up fuel tanks, servicing it at regular intervals. 

But with cab services like OLA and UBER, you only pay when you've to travel. I'm not sure how does this work for daily commute; but it looks like a way economical option.

What's your take?

Is ola/uber better than buying a car? I dont think we can compare these two options.

Since buying a car is all together different since we can use it for whatever we want. Lets say for example my home town is 160 KM away and I drive there instead of going by bus.

Now if we talk about ola/uber they are not really 100% reliable. Few scenarios are there so many times people complain that their cab is cancelled etc etc.. and talking about cheap they are not cheap too.  There are several occasions where a normal bus would talke 20 rupees but cab was costing around 400 rupees which is pretty costly.

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