@sai kumar • 23 May, 2018 • 1 like

Is jobacute real or fake? Can someone give first hand, detailed opinion or review of jobacute? 

@Radhika Deshpande • 23 May, 2018 • 2 likes

Hello @sai‍ ,Welcome to CrazyEngineers. Thanks for posting your query.

The website looks genuine and secure platform. You can give a try by searching more about it on google.

@sai kumar • 23 May, 2018

Ok sure & thanks

@Kaustubh Katdare • 23 May, 2018

@sai‍  - But do your own verifications before you use their site or upload your resume to their website. 

@Reena Saxena • 06 Jun, 2018 • 9 likes

Yeah ofcourse it is genuine. No doubt about it.

You will be getting very good opportunities with JobAcute for sure.
But you should keep in mind that you have to utilize those opportunities by giving your 100% everytime
Be always prepared and take help and guidance time to time from their support team which is available 24/7 on WhatsApp.

Be always active and alert for the openings and referrals and apply to all of them which you get through JobAcute & attend all interviews too. 
If you follow these things and give your best then you will surely get awesome results in your job search and career development.

Best of luck !

@Priyanka Jayraj • 06 Jun, 2018 • 9 likes

Big Yes!!!

I have joined JobAcute in February 2018. I have joined Secure option with them. For the 3 months i got direct job openings as well as MNC referrals and most importantly a wonderful support and guidance from JobAcute support team on WhatsApp throughout.

I attended a lot of interviews through them and finally got selected and got joining offer too. But I kept applying and attending interviews till the completion of my service period i.e 3 months to get better offers.

At the end I will join the one which will give me the best opportunity and will be helpful in my further professional life success.

@Ashida Electronics • 08 Jun, 2018 • 7 likes

Yes, it is a real website.
For your satisfaction, you can it 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 08 Jun, 2018 • 4 likes

I'm suspecting fake reviews. 

@naina shru • 22 Jun, 2018 • 8 likes

Actually the question is little confusing what actually you want to know.

is it wether JobAcute is good and helpful or

is it wether JobAcute is genuine and trustful or

is it wether JobAcute will give you job surely i.e 100% guarantee kind of thing.

let me answer all the above questions might it will help you .

Yes, JobAcute is surely helpful as it will provide you opportunities which are not available online. These openings are filled fast so chances of getting hired is higher.

Yes, its genuine and you can trust them. See they are providing you job openings and referrals and they do it through job networking. so there is nothing 

unbelievable thing which you are expecting and you won’t get.

No, its not like that you get 100% job if you join them. you will get opportunities there for sure but to take advantage from it is in your hand.

and keep that in mind. 

@Poulami saha • 22 Jun, 2018 • 9 likes

Yes absolutely.

As per my experience i can say. I was a JobAcute joined member from Aug 2017 to Nov 2017.
It helped me to find many interviews through direct job openings and MNC referrals.

So its a good platform for finding job and getting hired as its very different from job portals or consultancies.
JobAcute is a Job Network which provides unadvertised job openings and MNC referrals which are not available online.

@Kritika Thakre • 26 Jul, 2018 • 2 likes

It is completely fake, as a proof see this post of Quora.com (https://www.quora.com/Is-job-acute-genuine-or-not)(https://www.quora.com/Is-JobAcute-secure-for-a-job) you will find the exact same answers. It means these guys from jobacute only posted these answers. And about their FB likes, so Fb doesn't stop to create thousands of fake accounts. They have done proper planning to loot jobseekers.

@Vijay Patil • 31 Jul, 2018 • 4 likes

I request to all fresher guys don't join jobacute. one of the fake consultancy
in banglore.

@Sagar Hanjagi • 05 Aug, 2018 • 2 likes

@Vijay  and @Kritika  have you Joined JobAcute? and what was your experience? They have ads even on LinkedIn, so I am confused.

I am thinking to join JobAcute and when searched for reviews, I got mixed reviews.

so, I want to check if it is genuine or not? Let me know more about them.

@Sneha Gole • 29 Aug, 2018 • 1 like

Please please don't join Jobacute is absolutely fake U will regret just like I did....trust me they don't give call.. they just take money and didn't refund as said while joining ...Good reviews are given by that companies people itself.. 

@Kaustubh Katdare • 30 Aug, 2018 • 1 like

@Sneha could you elaborate on the experience you had? It will help our friends on CrazyEngineers. We need genuine experience sharing, either good or bad so that we can help others make a well informed decision.

@Addy smith • 30 Aug, 2018 • 5 likes

Hello friend, There is no doubt that jobacute is a safe and genuine job portal site. Here you can be received jobs directly on your WhatsApp and so there is no loophole of missing better opportunities. 

@Sneha Gole • 30 Aug, 2018 • 2 likes

@Kaustubh Sure. I had join Freshers network -Secure option "Which they call refundable"(But didn't get my money back after lots of  Requests and they even dint pick up calls )...

They didn't provide me any call(not a single one) they only just ask to send the resumes on random  email id and i get no reply or call . and also they refuse to refund the money as well. 

I waste my money and 3 months on hope that ill get at least one call.  Please dont waste your money

@Aditya Jain • 01 Sep, 2018 • 1 like

Don't know who is right but basically it is wrong according to me because if they help like this then now a days everyone should be in MNC companies. So that's why it looks fake and money minded at all.

@aarti jokhuram gupta • 07 Sep, 2018

Hi all please tell me job acute is real or fake I read about job acute on LinkedIn and planning to join can any one help me to know it is real or fake

@Pranay Sagar • 11 Sep, 2018 • 2 likes

Big No  !!!

Genuine review I took membership a month ago but nothing happened even they are not replying my multiple message 

Fake Consultancy Beware!! don't take membership if anybody wants serious review i will give you with the screenshot How they people are working with providing only the careers email id of the companies which u can usually find on some google

@Azhar Nanadi • 19 Sep, 2018

hello, i am fresher 2017 passout and i am thinking to join jobacute but reading all reviews i am little confused so please help me with this.

tell me whether i should join or not???

@aniket patel • 20 Sep, 2018 • 5 likes

As you guys said that you have joined jobacute and took their services and you didn't find it useful so can you show me your resume barcode which every joining candidates gets after joining jobacute as a proof so that i can be confirmed that you all are a genuine users of them.
Please don't take it otherwise. I just want to be sure about it and want to take correct decision by getting verified.

Hope to get reply soon. 

@Nikhil Dongre • 27 Sep, 2018 • 6 likes

As I can see that no one is proving proof by showing resume barcode which each joining candidate gets after joining jobacute.
So these people have no proof that they have joined jobacute and found the service bad or not useful.

I think that they all are fake reviewers above who are saying that the service is bad or not useful or anything like that.
They must be competitors of them like job portals or consultancies whose business are getting affected.
I am waiting for them to prove me wrong.

So guys I would say to take correct decision by referring to other sources to know about the good or bad about jobacute because here reviews are biased and manipulated for sure.
Take right decision
Best of luck. 

@Debolina Ganguly • 27 Sep, 2018 • 5 likes

I have a very funny question. Its really interesting.
Please guys help me to find answer.

Someone above commented by the name "Kritika" provided some links of Quora to proof that jobacute is fake.
I want to know how that even related or make any sense.
I clicked those links & it answers something absolutely different thing which is not related to anything about the questioned asked above.

Why she provided such a stupid logic which don't make any sense to proof  what she saying.

You guys also please go through the link she provided above to proof and let me know what she mean to say and explain it to me too.
People just post anything nonsense just to create bad image of someone or something for their own personal benefit, thats pathetic.

@Shyla dsouza • 27 Sep, 2018 • 6 likes

I don't know whether JobAcute is Real or Fake. 

But I total convinced that these commenters above are absolutely fake, nonsense & biased. They are just commenting anything either without proof or without any logic or sense just to confuse peoples.

So guys i would say that don't believe or follow anyone saying good or bad here. These are just few peoples with no credibility and neither we can contact them here to check their genuineness.

I would suggest you to go through the social media accounts of that website and check the real genuine reviews.
I have checked their Facebook page and got to know that they have above 51,000 likes and followers and that really good to see.

Its more that half a lakh peoples liking and following them so they all can't be wrong or biased.

So guys choose right ways to know right things.
Best of luck you all. ? 

@Hemant kumar • 28 Sep, 2018 • 1 like

Okkk.they not providing the bar code refral during joining time.they said that when ur profile got shortlisted then they give the bar code refral.what does it mean,how any hr can shortlist without refral.

Things not seems good..

@Anoop Kumar • 28 Sep, 2018 • 2 likes

Okey my 2 cents here.

There is a section on home page: Quality Referrals

Get referred in top MNCs through their best employees.
Its a known fact that better quality references increases chance of getting hired by 400%.

This is straight away frauds for any employee to refer a candidate whom s/he don't know personally. If I as a employee referring a person from JobAcute then I must be getting some benefit. It's fraud and I could get fired right away.  This practice is called brokerage. No sane employee would ever risk to to this. This already happened in Banglore where people were referring unknown persons on the commission of getting a part of salary.  
Another section: Networking 

Connect with Companies, HRs and MNC employees directly through JobAcute network.
Professional networking gives you more and better career opportunities.

Forget about it that a MNC HR would be networking with candidates. I only see some chat and direct messages on LinkedIn and few other portal nothing else.  

There is no networking in Hiring (read again). The HR only look for profiles, if they like it they spoke there for suitable candidate. They fix the meeting that's it. This is only thing happen.  This is not networking. They are not your friend.

Now real or fake you decide.

@sanjay sanju • 29 Sep, 2018 • 2 likes


Job acute is complete Fake organization, they have two plans one is refundable and non refundable many prefer refundable even though it is 500/- extra than the other one, Job acute do send mail ID's of companies, so they are just official mail id's which you can get easily, nothing as reference as such. Those mail id organization or companies never reply even though your a topper and have good intership work etc. And the refund thing, you can never get it. Job acute fake stuff as you will get job soon and stuff, overall you never get the job from job acute or get any money refunded. 

@Santosh Sinha • 30 Sep, 2018 • 5 likes

I have no idea about it as I haven't joined JobAcute because I am not eligible to join. I don't have throughout 50% in my academics which is an eligibility criteria to join JobAcute.

But I would say it's absolutely a genuine and trustworthy platform for any jobseeker.

Let me explain how can i say that even without joining and using their services.

(i) I have chat with them on their website and found it very supportive and motivating. I chat with them around 10 or 11 pm at night and i got response at that time too by their support team which is a very good thing I guess.

(ii) I visited their facebook page and seen thousand n thousand of candidates liked and followed them which shows that they have good results and useful and helpful to candidates.

(iii) Last but not least I guess the best thing is their refund policy they provide to candidates with their Secure option (3 months).

So its a win-win situation for any job seeker that they will either get services from jobAcute or they will get back their joining fee.
Only a genuine platform can give you that for sure.

So these are my own opinion which i felt.
Hope it might help you a bit to take decision.

@Talha Purkar • 20 Oct, 2018 • 1 like

Hello Sai

Its totally fake, I subscribed  this job acute and lost my 2500rs. They only send you different companies career email ids which you can get from company career site also and when you tell them where are jobs opening and referrals which you were telling they will always reply you with a answer that "we share what the HR shares" . 

So if you don't want to waste your money like I did then dont take subscription of them. They are money looters nothing else. 

@Venkatesh Venkatesh • 05 Nov, 2018 • 1 like

Hi friends,

I have joined job acute on SEP 10 and got many referals and I applied to it. But didn't get any interview call yet.

After joining job acute I have asked them about resume bar code with screen shot of their FAQ page.

They said they will give bar code , once my resume is shortlisted.

I was so confused after a month and asked them about why my resume is not getting shortlisted because as a fresher, the given requiremenrs are suits me and they are sending application based on my profile. That's what they said when I asked about this and they are saying hr  is shortlisting the profile meanwhile keep applying for the job openings which you will get...thats what they said.

Almost 2 months gonna end for me. Still waiting.

I have reviewed about it and joined. I'm just getting mixed reviews. I don't know what to do... waiting with hope :)

@Venkatesh Venkatesh • 05 Nov, 2018 • 2 likes


I got the response for one of my query.

@Anuradha Erande • 20 Nov, 2018 • 2 likes

No it is not real...

No, They only fool you by giving the mail id of hr which easily available in career section of companies website. They didn't provide you any referrals or direct joining support as they told me during joining. Their response to quarries are also very bad.

So please don't do the registration, it is totally waste of money. If you extra money then OK go for it.

They cheated on me. They didn't give me any call .I have waste my money.This is my personal experience.They did not give money back & reply very badly when I ask about my refund.

@Neeraj Reddy • 08 Jan, 2019

I want To Join In Job Acute . please suggest me.i need geniune answer.please 

Thank you

@Sai Sreehith • 21 Jan, 2019

It's literally fake network.please don't join in this one. Try for walkins

@Sai Sreehith • 21 Jan, 2019

It's fake one

@rohit dhande • 23 Jan, 2019

#Kritika Thakre provided links which give proof that they only share your profile and nothing happen after that. We can wait other way. There are openings available outside in market why should someone waste their money. People taking advantage of unemployment and many jobseeker facing this issue. Try har friends we will have job soon

@Kavya Burramolla • 13 Jan, 2020 • 3 likes

I don’t have any personal experience using JobAcute, but one of my nearest friend joined JobAcute with Secure Option. As per my understanding from his experience the process, support and guidance were found to be very good. After the completion of registration process he had constant support from the JobAcute portal. 

He received the notifications on Whatsapp and tried applying for the vacancies but unfortunately nothing turned up showing interest on this profile. The major complain I received from him is most of the company mail Id are available in the companies portal as well. We can just enter the company portal for which we want to apply for the job and search for careers so that we can find the same mail Id over there. However he managed searching for other vacancies and got placed.

In my view find a job through any job portal needs seriousness. For example if we are applying through unpaid portals like Indeed, Glassdoor etc., we receive multiple mails from those sites matching our profile, asking to schedule the interview and all, but most of the times we don’t take it serious(which we might have missed) and end up with No-Job. On the other hand for the paid portals like JobAcute, Freshersworld etc., since we invest a minimum amount to take up the membership we will be very serious not to miss any opportunity because the membership is only for limited period and after which again it cost them. 

As per my understanding applying for jobs that suits your profile through paid or unpaid membership in job portal depends on the person, how well they make use of it. One can make best use of it and get its benefits to the most or can end up getting nothing. I’d suggest to make use of LinkedIn that really helps you to get what exactly you want. 

Best of luck.

@Jai Patel • 13 Jan, 2020 • 1 like

The website looks unorganized but looking at contents, anyone would doubt it my friend.

The website dose not depict copyright mark symbol anywhere which cannot build trust of the visitors. 

Websites shown on any search engine may not necessarily means it is genuine. Search Engine works on algorithms which do no test the genuineness of the website, it test the search optimization features on it to rank it. 

So, as far as visible any frequent internet sufferers would doubt this website my friend. But still you are willing to use it then request you to be alert while giving your data on the site. 

All the best!!!!! All iz well ....

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