Saurabh Kumar
Saurabh Kumar
Computer Science
26 Nov 2018

Is it possible to get job in technical with a gap of 3.5 years and less percentage in education?

Hello everyone,i am new here.I am 27 years old.I have some questions regarding my career.I completed my B.E in computer science in 2018 with 49% and a year gap of 3.5 years.I have 71% in class 10 in 2008 and 61% in class 12 in 2010.What is the possibility of getting job.I have done a course in Core Java.Will writing e litmus help in getting job. 

27 Nov 2018

Yes, it's possible. But my guess is that you are targeting only the big companies where it's difficult to get in; if you're not selected via campus placements. 

Why not try smaller companies where you can get 1-2 years of experience first and then apply to the bigger ones? Once you've experience, the education gap should not matter. 

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