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Is anyone interested in collaboration with a thermal strap supplier to develop heat transfer products for cryocoolers?

Question asked by Tyler Link in #Electronics #Robotics #Startups & Business on Apr 15, 2021
Tyler Link
Tyler Link · Apr 15, 2021

Hi! New to the forum and thanks for this great site. Quick question: our company manufactures thermal straps to provide flexible, passive heat transfer (and vibration isolation), between a heat source and sink, and these are commonly used on cryocoolers (on both the first and second stages).  I would be interested in seeing if anyone out there at a national lab or college (physics department, more than likely), would be interested in free hardware in an exchange for collaboration and test data, to see if the combination of thermal straps and other cooling products such as heat pipes, cold plates, etc. could provide an even more effective product, or reduce cool down times.

If anyone is interested, please drop a comment and reach out to me, and have a look at our copper straps page here to get a better idea of what I am discussing:

Thermal Straps - Copper Thermal Straps (CuTS®)

Thanks, and I am looking forward to hearing from you all!

*By the way, these straps are also commonly used in robotics (on rovers for example), so collaboration in that area is welcome as well--especially with a university. 

Posted in: #Electronics #Robotics #Startups & Business

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