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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 3, 2014

Internet @ 43 Tbps - A New World Record In Data Transmission Has Been Set!

Nothing comes closer to the feeling of happiness and excitement when your Internet connection works at the speeds your ISP promised. We all absolutely love ultra-high speed Internet and we'll now have to thank the researchers at the Technical University of Denmark for achieving a new world record in data transmission. The High-Speed Optical Communications team from DTU Fotonik demonstrated that they could transfer data at the rate of 43 terabits per second using a single laser transmitter. That's whooping 11 Tbps faster than the earlier speed record set by the Germans at the Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology.

However that's not the top achievement of the DTU researchers. They have already achieved data transmission speeds of about 1 Pbps, that is petabits per seconds. The team, however, had to use hundreds of lasers at a time to achieve those speeds. The 43 Tbps speed was achieved using a single laser and a special optic fibre developed by the Japanese communications giant - NTT. The fibre has 7 cores; not just one like in most of the fibre cables. The speciality of this new fibre is that it occupies the same space as that of the standard fibre cable.


The new benchmark in the data communication has been set at 43 Tbps. The ever growing global Internet traffic requires a constant upgrade in the hardware infrastructure comprising of high speed transmitters, receivers and the media to carry the signals. It's estimated that the overall Internet growth, worldwide, is about 40% every year. We hope these new developments make it to the mainstream as soon as possible at costs affordable to all of us.

Source: DTU.DK
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh • Aug 5, 2014
I am thinking how fast I'll ran out of my data pack, if i had a limited one.
Anoop Kumar
Anoop Kumar • Aug 5, 2014
IMAX online

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