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@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Feb, 2015
Raspberry Pi continues to be one of the most favoured DIY board around the world. I'd love to see all the interesting projects you are working on in your part time. Would be nice if you could share project information.
@Abhishek Rawal • 06 Feb, 2015 My current last year project is on RPi itself. I am not disclosing right now because it's still very raw. But as soon I reach alpha stage I will post entire detail with source code on Github.
@Kiran.laxman.hiwane • 06 Feb, 2015 plz kaustubh wil you suggest me a good topic for my final year m a diploma student in computer engineering
@Kaustubh Katdare • 06 Feb, 2015
plz kaustubh wil you suggest me a good topic for my final year m a diploma student in computer engineering
Please look for all the ideas here - . If you do not find what you are looking for; please start a new discussion in that section and tell us all the ideas you've considered so far and what type of project you'd like to work on. This discussion is not for discussing project ideas. It's meant for project ideas using RPi that are currently being developed.
@Tahira Naseem • 06 Feb, 2015 how we can apply here.... guide me
@Tahira Naseem • 06 Feb, 2015 Also suggest me final year projct for electrical engg
@simplycoder • 08 Feb, 2015 You do not need to apply, just open up a new thread and members here would definitely help you.
For starters, let us know what you are interested in electrical engineering.
@Ramani Aswath • 09 Feb, 2015 Is this of any interest?
@Jeffrey Arulraj • 20 Feb, 2015 How about this project?

R-Pi based spatial recognition system and data logger for surface and under water parameters.

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