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Intel’s Atom And Core i7 Processors Right On The Corner

Question asked by Saurabh Sahasrabuddhe in #Coffee Room on May 6, 2011
Saurabh Sahasrabuddhe
Member of CrazyEngineers
The leading manufacturer of computer processors is once again in the news because of its new processors Intel Atom and Intel Core i7 which the company will be launching very shortly, according to the information leaked by certain websites. The company, Intel, previously launched Core I series of processors. In no time the new processors captured the market and almost every laptop or computer that we see today has got i-series processor fitted.

[​IMG]The new 32-nanometer Atom processors are expected to be launched on the 1<sup>st</sup> of August this year while the two i7 models will hit the market in the later end of the month of June.  In addition to this, to enhance the speed of the complete i-series processors, the company is also launching a new motherboard chip this month. The release of the new Atom series processors is breaking news in the field. Low power consumption processors, Atom D2500 and D2700 are said to be codenamed as Cedarview which will enter the market in between 1<sup>st</sup> August to 31<sup>st</sup> October.

Speaking more about the new Atom processors, they are expected to have their applications in low-power consumption laptops, set-top boxes and home-theatre systems. They are also expected to have support for the new technology, Blu-ray 2.0, to have their own media engine and to produce much lesser heat during the service.

The core i7 processors are however best suited for the desktops. This may be due to the fact that these processors produce much amount of heat and it is not possible to dissipate it in a laptop or similar device. The new core i7 processors will have 6 cores and the version i7-980 will have a clock frequency of 3.33(GHz). This processor will arrive anytime from 26<sup>th</sup> June to 2<sup>nd</sup> July. The core i7 – 955X Extreme Edition will be released later in the year. The Extreme Edition processor will clock at a higher frequency of 3.6 (GHz).

The prices of these devices however, are expected to be quite high. This can be judged from the price of Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition 965 Processor which costs around Rs. 540, 00 in India. Thus, it can be marked out that the initial buyers of the new processors will be tech maniacs and enthusiasts. The products however will make their way into the main stream slowly. In spite of the high prices, looking at the performance delivered by the launched Intel processors so far, we may say that the price is worth the product.

Source: Geek and CNET Reviews Posted in: #Coffee Room

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