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Vicky One
Vicky One • Aug 27, 2013

Insert CK Slideshow In Joomla 3.0?

i am new to joomla using jooml 3.0
I m develping a website in joomla where i have to show differenet models of products. I want to show them through slide show. I have used one ck slideshow module as a banner on my home i am unable to use slides show for my three articles in three different menu items.

How can I insert slideshow in in the content (body) of three different articles having three different menu items ?

i am using protostar template.. Can someone help me???
Nayan Goenka
Nayan Goenka • Aug 28, 2013
When you want additional versions of plugins or addons running at multiple instances, you can opt for those types which support it. If you have already consumed then there is a trick. You can copy the code of the plugin and insert it in the body of the page. It wont perform upto that level but it serves the purpose
Vicky One
Vicky One • Aug 28, 2013
i knew that but it meanz joomla in unable to fulfill our requirement, we cannot develop like our own will it limits us then whaya lot of people demand website site skills like joomla , wordpress and drupal??? while coding is the best solution for every thing. what u say????
Nayan Goenka
Nayan Goenka • Aug 28, 2013
Joomla, Wordpress are readymade utilities. They have limitations to the services they can provide since everything cannot be virtually simulated. If you get a slideshow plugin, it is kept in mind that the website where it will be used it basically for a small use and it wont have multiple utilities. So it supports one instance. If you want you can custom make your own plugin and use. That works too.

For the coding part, everything is coded someplace or the other. So that obviously is the best option if you are a good programmer.

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