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ms_cs • Feb 28, 2009

Information: Hidden feature of OS/Software is called Easter Egg!

I think you are all heard this word.The hidden feature of the operating system or the software is called easter egg...
durga ch
durga ch • Feb 28, 2009
Re: Easter eggs

I did not understand .Could you elaborate?
ms_cs • Feb 28, 2009
Re: Easter eggs OS/Software

I did not understand .Could you elaborate?
Now I tell it clearly.The hidden feature of os/software is called as easter egg.
I think you have seen the thread, which deals with the freeingup the memory when the firefox is minimized.The Amazing Easter Egg it is, in my point of view
shalini_goel14 • Mar 1, 2009
Hey ms_cs,

Is there any way of knowing about any hidden features of OS or any software by anyone individually without others knowledge ?
zia.sepsis • Mar 1, 2009
nice information ms_Cs..... but can't get your example clearly... can yo tell us some other examples please.
losttvseries • Mar 1, 2009
elaborate? lol
ms_cs • Mar 2, 2009
Before telling the example, I ask you one question guys.Just try to create the folder , with name con..and tell the way to me please...
ms_cs • Mar 2, 2009
For example, open the game Solitaire (Not Spider Solitaire) and press: ALT+SHIFT+2
Result: you win...This is one of the example of the easter egg...
zia.sepsis • Mar 2, 2009
In Microsoft’s Windows operating systems like Windows XP or in Vista we cant create folders with names CON, PRN, AUX, CLOCK$, NUL, COM1, COM2, COM3, COM4, COM5, COM6, COM7, COM8, COM9, LPT1, LPT2, LPT3, LPT4, LPT5, LPT6, LPT7, LPT8, and LPT9 directly from GUI. This is because, DOS device names are reserved words, and cannot be used as folder or file names.
Ashraf HZ
Ashraf HZ • Mar 2, 2009
Easter eggs are fun, but I think the novelty is wearing off now. Games have a lot of those! Though.. the last easter egg I came across was at the end of Quake II.
gohm • Mar 2, 2009
never quite understood them. Who has the time to press buttons at random to try and find something that may not be there?
ms_cs • Mar 3, 2009
If you knows the some other tricks in computers or like easter it here...
It will be more interesting...
electron1212 • Mar 5, 2009
This is how you get it to work

Open up Notepad
Type in .LOG and then save (any filename)
Close Notepad
Open up Notepad again
Go to file and open the previous file
It should display the time..enjoy
electron1212 • Mar 5, 2009
1.) Open an empty notepad file.
2.) Type "Bush hid the facts" (without the quotes)
3.) Save it with any file name with as .TXT file.
4.) Close it, and re-open it.

shalini_goel14 • Mar 5, 2009
@electron1212 Sir, both are amazing features 😀. Kindly explain the reason behind its working. 😉
electron1212 • Mar 5, 2009
@electron1212 Sir, both are amazing features 😀. Kindly explain the reason behind its working. 😉
well i don't know the reason. But i think creater of these softwares make some shortcuts for doing specific things and we call these tricks as Easter Eggs.

And please don't call me sir, i am following your threads like fun with java, programming etc etc rather i should start calling you as a teacher.;-)
ms_cs • Mar 5, 2009
Amazing Post,,,,electron1212...
May I know your Name
silverscorpion • Mar 5, 2009
As for the second thingy about "Bush hid the facts", it has to do with encoding. Notepad uses unicode character encoding and there's some problem with that.. I dont know the specifics, but the encoding is the reason..
ms_cs • Mar 6, 2009

How can we know about these easter eggs in softwares..Is there any other way to know about that?

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