22 Sep 2018

#include main() { Float a,b,sum; a=3.087; sum=a+b; printf("sum=%f",sum); }

Actully i was getting the ans as 11 so.iwas having the doubt that if we dont give the value of b will it consider itself n how

22 Sep 2018

@Devika  - I'm not sure what you're trying to do. If you haven't define 'b', it's not going to add up to a.

The output of the following program -

#include <stdio.h>


    float a,b,sum; a=3.087; 



    return 0;


is 3.087000 

I'm not sure why are you getting 11. Did you write the entire program? Could you check and post again? 

23 Sep 2018

Sorry im getting 3.087000.i dont know what mistake i have done that time

Jayt aw

Jayt aw

Electronics and Communication
24 Sep 2018

 try to initialize b variable with 0, may be junk values causing the problem.

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