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crozzep • Oct 23, 2007

idea for final project in mechatronic engineering

hello all crazy engineers,
actually I'm having a problem for my final year project...
currently I'm studying in German Malaysian Institute (GMI)...
GMI only give me one week to do a proposal on the project...
the concept of the project must is packaging,filling or assembly...
it also must have at least 4 station...
the project must new one or enhance from the current machine...
the size of the project is 1 meter x 1 meter...
i already think for the whole 2 days but still don get any idea...
please help me all the crazy engineer...
this is my last semester before i graduate...
faisal • Nov 21, 2007
well that sounds great

if it is packaging, u can make a prototype which is working like Denso robots

and then by applying offline or online-programming u can make a pick and

place system...or what u can do is making a line follower robots and then

u can reinforce it by using a fuzzy logic concept...iam also looking forward

2 do my project in re-inforcement learning, and i have 2 propose by 2day..

so still u r lucky 2 look for...hope atleast i throw some enlightment in ur mind

friend...anyway keep working hard and wish u all the best...

Salluman • Nov 16, 2008
try to build machine prototype which can recognize broken tablets in pharma industries
equipments and knowledge which is mandatory is:
conveyor,plc,image processing
hey,why dont u make a strong robot capable of aasembling huge steel sheets,robot are rarely used in heavy engg.
akkumon • Sep 23, 2009
Packaging machine is tough to make.
Do something in counting or stacking machine

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