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Iam studying engineering(CSE) right now but I have an inclination towards Automobile Industry, please help me what should I do.

Question asked by Parth Patwardhan in #Automobiles on Sep 15, 2020
Parth Patwardhan
Parth Patwardhan · Sep 15, 2020

I personally don't like programming that much, but I can bare with it, I have a liking toward automobiles and please I want someone to help me with my problem i.e. please suggest me a good Masters of Engineering program, I personally searched for programs in Germany and I got some promising programs I want a field where I can combine my knowledge of  CSE and work where my passion is (Automotive Industry) cause I really don't like hardcore programming at all so please I would appriciate your help. 

Posted in: #Automobiles
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Sep 15, 2020
Rank A1 - PRO

I think you'll do good in the CAD domain. Have you explored it? You should get an advanced degree in Automobile or Computers and then also develop a parallel skill in CAD/CAM. You should be able to find your dream job then. 

Parth Patwardhan
Parth Patwardhan · Sep 15, 2020

Okay. Thank you so much for your help I'll start looking for CAD/CAM courses and then I'll think about masters in Automotive industry. 

Thank you for help. 

Also can you suggest some CAD courses which you think would help me. 

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