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Raghuraj Singh
Raghuraj Singh • Oct 23, 2018

i was asked to make a minor project for this sem.. And my faculties are asking me for the topic of project?..So pls anyone suggest me the topic as well as how to go for it?

I am doing BE...since 2011..

And now i got admitted in the final year of my course.The dumbest student of this century...i think so..

If someone is currently working on any project..and can add me if he is comfortable so pls let me know...

Thank you

For any one to help you it is important to know in which area looking for projects.

Please let us know in which discipline you want to to do the project.

Raghuraj Singh
Raghuraj Singh • Oct 23, 2018

I am from it department.and i dont know which discipline i should choose but i like to work on online security system or AI

There are a lot of do it yourself projects at different levels of complexity using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and others. See if any of these are of use:

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