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I have created many electronics stuffs and softwares.After btech what is right direction for me?

I have done my B.Tech from BIT MESRA ECE branch.I love innovating and creating stuff from childhood like designed working lift model,electronic puzzles, 6 wired 2 way led communication ..etc without any background knowledge or from any source.
In college life while studying ECE i created many electronics stuff on my own like -designed own whole working microprocessor in multisim using only basic gates,, function generator which can generate output voltage signal of any mathematical equation entered in less than Rs 100,, own PC oscilloscope in less than Rs 100,, autonomous controlled room model,,etc...
And also like coding and have created softwares like -software that can plot graph of any mathematical equations completely in C,,text to speech in C,, any sudoku solver in less than ms in C,, hotel software,, homeopathic doctor softwares,,games,,etc.. all in my clz i ended working in small software company after my btech.i left it now since i dont like it . Now i dont know what should i do further?
What will be right direction for me..Plz help me..i need advice..

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