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I am an (structural) student and I am planning to do project on concrete.could you please guide me with some suggestions

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 5, 2018

Hello Abhishek,

It'd be really nice if you could tell us a bit more about your project so that it's easier for our fellow engineers to offer suggestions on your project?

Recycled aggregate concrete is the project I have in mind

There’s a whole lot of published research reports on this. Most of the properties have been evaluated. If you do a google scholar search you can see all current work. One has to come up with a new angle for an MTech level project.

Maybe if you can work out a recycled aggregate adding recycled plastic scrap and something other than Portland cement (polymeric mud as posted elsewhere on CE) you may get an original project.

Can you advice me on some projects

The eco friendly cement substitute is called 'Geopolymer'. Some research work on this is going on in India also. You can get more info here:

You can do some preliminary work making a concrete using this instead of cement and recycled aggregate. The suggestion for using shredded plastic waste was given to further improve conservation.

How about doing geopolymer concrete using recycled aggregates,is there a possibility?

Certainly. The link in my last post above shows an Australian airport area with geo polymer concrete. But with regular aggregate I think. It may be certainly worthwhile to check out your idea for a geoploymer-recycled aggregate concrete.

Do you have the infrastructure to create such concrete and evaluate it? Can you discuss with your guide on this?

Yes, we have a structural lab in our college.Can u give me an idea about the replacement ratios for doing this

I shall discuss this with my guide 

My area is chemical engineering and materials science and not civil engineering. It may be best to try different ratios and evaluate one critical property first to zero in on a ratio. you can study that in greater detail.

Ok sir,thank u for assisting me

We can still discuss. Please keep posting. Such eco friendly projects are most needed now.

Sir, i am planning to work on super absorbent polymer concrete.kindly advise me

Sir I have decided to use SAP as infill in hollow steel columns and study their behaviours

What is the purpose for infills in a hollow column? Are you trying to modify buckling properties or other mechanical properties?

Yes sir I am planning on studying the strength characteristics of the column with sap as infill

Whether self curing concrete can be used in the column.That was what I had in mind sir

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