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shravani saxena
shravani saxena • May 26, 2018

I am a B.Tech graduate and thinking of pursuing CDAC. Is CDAC worth the time and money??

Is CDAC worth investing time and money into. How is the job market for CDAC pass outs?

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 26, 2018

@shravani‍ - Welcome to CrazyEngineers. Whether CDAC is worth the time and money can only be decided what your career goals are. 

In general, CDAC is worth it if you get into a good course at a reputed CDAC centre. The centers which have a good track record of placements are hardest to get into - and require lot of dedicated preparation.

If you think you can crack C-CAT and get a good centre, CDAC is definitely worth the time and money. 

Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • May 27, 2018

@shravani‍ As it turns out, most of my friends who have done a CDAC course are now well posted in companies - some in small-sized companies/startups and a few in MNCs. The job market for CDAC passouts or for that matter the job market, in general, is really a big mess right now. But CDAC graduates seem to have an edge because of their technical expertise. I guess working REALLY hard in your CDAC course and doing freelance technical projects in free time is the key to build a strong portfolio to become job-ready.

Have you already joined a CDAC course or preparing for the exam?

shravani saxena
shravani saxena • May 28, 2018

@Ankita‍ no, i have not joined it yet,but was thinking to. I am an ECE graduate and from 2017 batch pass out and I want to to get into the IT field, so is it a good option for me?? I am thinking for applying for the august 2018 batch.

P.S- I've not filled the application yet.

Thank yur for your replies @Ankita@Kaustubh‍ 

Yes, dear it is worth for the cost you are paying it lot's of my friends done CDAC few are done at Pune (sunbeam) as well. If you really want to get good knowledge then go for it, placement is the last part in it but also important  but before looking for placement find your interest. If you work passionately then don't worry about the job. You will get it anyway if you have the knowledge.  

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