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How to upgrade from Windows 7(pirated) to Windows 10

Question asked by TANMAY PAGARE in #Gadgets on Jan 17, 2020
TANMAY PAGARE · Jan 17, 2020
Rank D1 - MASTER

Its official that windows 7 is dead and it was one of the best OS. As i have my old laptop with "PIRATED"  Win 7 i want to upgrade to windows 10, what is the procedure and how to do it. 

Posted in: #Gadgets
Teja Reddy
Teja Reddy · Jan 17, 2020
Rank C3 - EXPERT

First go to settings and check for updates under this check for system updates try updating all the necessary files required and it will automatically update to windows 10.

Since you mentioned pirated windows 7 in this case somtimes you won't find auto updates, but you don't need to worry you can manually update your windows by visiting microsoft website and then you need to download windows 10 media creation tool and then download windows 10 (iso) file from microsoft website.

Follow these steps to install windows 10

1. You need to have 8gb empty pendrive.

2. Using media creation tool copy the windows 10 iso files to pendrive 

3. Restart your PC and go to boot menu by pressing F12 key several times this key may vary form manufacturer to manufacturer.

4. Finally select the USB in the boot menu

5. Now windows will start installing.

TANMAY PAGARE · Jan 20, 2020
Rank D1 - MASTER

Do i need a key to boot windows 10 after updating from win 7 because one of my friend told me after updating you required a key or purchase it from official store 

Teja Reddy
Teja Reddy · Jan 20, 2020
Rank C3 - EXPERT

Microsoft allows anyone to download and upgrade to windows 10.

After updating you'll find a water mark right below your screen.

This doesn't affect much only thing is you cannot personalize like changing wallpapers etc, to do this we have to purchase a licensed version. But i don't think without activation of windows will affect your work in between.

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