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How to search for paid internships ?

Question asked by Karshil Sheth in #Internships #Career Help on Dec 24, 2019
Karshil Sheth
Karshil Sheth · Dec 24, 2019
Rank C2 - EXPERT

I have applied to many startups but they are looking for full time opportunities only. So can't find a suitable internship for period of 6 months where I can work on a project. Any technology can be favorable.

Posted in: #Internships #Career Help
Mohana Chandra
Mohana Chandra · Dec 24, 2019
Rank C1 - EXPERT

I suggest to you go through internshala.There are many internships available if you get registered through it you will know.Not only the duration for 6 months,you can find  more of 2-3 months of internships also. 

Coming to technology, its better if you go in favour of your interest.If you do like that,following your interested technology and making an intern in it,you  can enjoy it.

All the best !!

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Dec 24, 2019
Rank A1 - PRO

It'd be too early to announce; however CrazyEngineers is working on a solution to let students find paid internships. We'll announce it once we've sufficient number of paid internships available.

Divisha Madupalli
Divisha Madupalli · Dec 27, 2019
Rank C1 - EXPERT

Try AngelList and Internshala. Though AngelList is mostly for startups and look into the main posts on LinkedIn.

Vinay Mishra
Vinay Mishra · Dec 28, 2019
Rank B2 - LEADER

You can register yourself on Internshala. It's an application made for the internship aspirants. You can find many more internships of your particular interest. You can also apply the filters like salary range, location, and full-time/part-time/work from home also.

It's my personal experience. When I was in my first year, on the basis of my skills I got three internships(2 paid) on Internshala. There are also some more apps that can help you find the internship of your choice like LinkedIn, Indeed, Internships.com and Glassdoor. You can find different interns in these applications with details.

All the best!

Akhila Janapati
Akhila Janapati · Dec 29, 2019
Rank D3 - MASTER

Hi Karshil, you can search for paid internships in Internshala. It is a great platform where you can find the internships according to your preferences. Through this platform you can also work from home i.e., you can do both part time and full time specified for that particular internship.

Durgesh Srivastava
Durgesh Srivastava · Jan 17, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

there are some sites for paid internship which gives us various opportunities for like



hello intern

and applied directly through company websites.

supriya VN gowda
supriya VN gowda · Jan 18, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

You can search in linkedin and if you post your message in linkedin company HR's will reply you about internships. And as i know internshala is best for paid internships. SKM technologies is providing internship along with training and they will pay you for projects you do for them.

Swarup Pan
Swarup Pan · Jan 21, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

If you are looking for good internships you should mail the authorities your CV along with why you should get the internship. Dont think its an easy process or you will taste success the very first time. You have to keep mailing them repeatedly. 

In case of paid internships, you must look for good websites or connections in big companies in India. You can try Internshala. I find this website pretty promising and helpful. If you have a good knowledge in something or a slightly work experience you would surely get into those internships.

Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare · Jan 21, 2020
Rank A1 - PRO

I'm curious to know what are the websites that students currently use for paid internships? I think Internshala is the most popular one. 

Noothan Kumar
Noothan Kumar · Jan 21, 2020
Rank C1 - EXPERT

unfortunately, the likelihood of securing a paid internship will very much depend on the industry sector you're interested in. the best paid internships are those which provide you both experience and money.

experience is great but experience meshed with money is even better...

my suggest for best internships are.

internshala is the best place to get internships.........

bill yorke
bill yorke · Jan 21, 2020
Rank C2 - EXPERT

Paid internships could be a headache at start because most companies are shy to rust in your capabilities as well as your potential contribution to the company. One should considering for sometime after which you may be approached with further responsibilities or a more defined engagement whereby you get to earn some money. 

Also, you can ask around your network for example your LinkedIn network or the college you studied, I know of some colleges who offer internship to students at nominal pay upon completion or even assist in their placement in their prospective areas of work or specialization.

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